Friday, December 9, 2016

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Anonymous said...

I suspect that Cameron Slater needs to have a good think about who/what his blog is about.

I have followed him on and off for a number of years and my observations are below:

1 In the early years he would blog about anything and everything - no rules applied, most of his posts were subjective, colourful personal opinion with some interesting insights into politics and life in general.

2 Several years ago, after hiring an editor, he decided to sharpen up his act and present WO to be the face of 'new media' and himself as a journalist of higher standards than what is on offer from the msm.

In addition to this higher standards of commentating were introduced with strict enforcement of commentary standards from contributors with the ban hammer being used on a regular basis to enforce this.

3 However Slater from time to time falls back to thinking that WO is a personal blog again (as seen over the last few days in relation to Bill English) and it tends to dent his proclaimed image as a ethical journalist.

He needs to decide what WO is - media outlet or personal blog - it can't be both.

(Old time WO reader)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


"..... it can't be both."

I think it can. Has he fallen into the trap of failing to differentiate between reporting and opinion? Perhaps.

paul scott said...

WO banned me quicker than 'the Standard'.
That is a negative and insular progressive attitude.
Anyway Cameron Slater's reputation is shagged and also utterly negative .

Angry Tory said...

media outlet or personal blog - WO can be a hell of a lot more than that.

Cameron Slater should be NZ's Beppe Grillo -

(Grillo is the Italian blogger who now runs the second-largest political party in Italy, who was personally responsibly for Italy voting down constitutional changes last weekend, who will lead the next government and most likely take Italy out of the EU and the Euro. Grillo doesn't even run as a politician himself, he stays as a blogger and other pollies get elected etc)

That's the long game for Slater. Either taking over ACT, or setting up a new Whale party. Imagine if e.g. Collins jumped to ACT (as ACT parliamentary leader) with the party being directed by Slater, they'd pull in ACT's donors plus lots more via Cam's connections. The next government would be a National/Whale coalition, and the one after that Whale/National.

With Cam driving policies, Labour, Greens, Unions, government schools, etc, would cease to exist pretty damn quick.

Anonymous said...

More drivel made even more drivelish by Google translate. Fake news..Italy is not leaving the EU, it MIGHT leave the single currency.

I have been impressed By Micheal Moore's reading of the US general election, he was the only pundit to call it right, and right with devastating accuracy. He is now saying that it is another six weeks to the inauguration of Drumph and it is unlikely he will make it. Already there are members of the Electoral college who have indicated they will not vote for him.

Lord Egbut

Angry Tory said...

If DTRUMPH doesn't make it to the inauguration - either because of subversion of the electoral college or some other reason - then there will be a second civil war in the US - simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Farting against thunder from the loonytunes.........

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... do you mean 'the' Mike Moore, failed Leader of the Labour Party (good/bad) and poster boy for free trade (good) or the other Mike Moore, effete hang wringing liberal, variously described as Americas answer to Leni Riefenstahl (of Nazi Party fame) and 'a completely promiscuous opportunist and an extremely callous person'.

As for the potential faithless elector from Texas who announced he was breaking his pledge to vote for Trump and would instead vote for Katich (who promptly disowned him) well, if he does he will join the 157 others who have ratted on their pledge (the first one being Samuel Miles in the 1796 election) ... they have one thing in common ... they failed to change the outcome so I wouldn't hold my breath this time round either. One does not make 36.

Anonymous said...

Merely quoting someone who got it so right last time as opposed to you and me who got it hopelessly wrong. Once you dip your toes in the political waters everyone becomes an "opportunist". As I said in a previous post it now transcends party politics with the US about to tear itself apart unless some cool heads organise a compromise.

Lord Egbut