Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

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Anonymous said...

Goody, I like the Friday Follies where there is only a 50% chance of being deleted.

The best intelligence is gathered in small snippets which by themselves mean little but when put together make a picture.

Today in Latvia BBC radio was talking with a medium ranked US officer who is on a training exercise with Latvian army, you could hear the gunfire and tanks in the background. I missed the number of personnel but seems quite substantial. The Q +A went like this.

"Are you being engaged in Cyber warfare."
"Yes Sir, some people are engaging in Cyber warfare with us"
"Is it the Russians"
"Some people Sir"
"I see you have Abrams tanks, how does that square up to Donald Trumps stand on NATO.
"I can only serve one President at a time Sir if the President says go I go but the message we are getting from the transition team is that there will be no objection for when the rest of the 1st Armoured Division follow".

I have a feeling he should not have said that......By transition team he means Mattis.

The NATO pledge goes in the same file as Wall, Muslims, jail HC, etc,etc, etc.

Lord Egbut

David said...

Show me a sore loser and I'll show you a clutch of Rethuglicans.

In North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is crying voter fraud, and rumors are swirling about a possible bid to pack the state’s Supreme Court.

Next year, the State Legislature will redraw the state’s voting maps, after a court ruled that they’d been illegally gerrymandered along racial lines.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Legbut, you'll lose too much weight if you keep up this diet of sour cream and curdled milk.

David said...

A group of fundamentalist private schools in England have been criticised by Ofsted inspectors and downgraded after it was found that they were failing to promote British values, including by failing to teach sufficiently about other religions and beliefs or to promote respect for LGBT people.

This is what happens when the state gives taxpayer dollars to fund religious schools. religion has no place in a school, unless in a history or literature class.

paul scott said...

Religion in Schools
We had social studies class. I can see how Religion could fit in there.
Religion is not history, or literature, its real, here and now.
School is a good place to show recent videos of the acrtual thuggery, rape, and colonising stone age madmen in Europe.
Maybe history could include also the communist leaning of mad Merkel, and the body count Clinton. the facts you know.

I see Egg nog is hearing things in his ears.

Anonymous said...

That's a bot to him Flinko, you are the only one it can relate to.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well I hope he is hearing things in his ears.

Worry when he starts hearing things in his ........

Too late?

David said...

You know the world has gone mad when Prince Fucking Charles sounds like the only grown up in the room.

London: Prince Charles has warned rising populism across the world has "deeply disturbing echoes of the dark days of the 1930s".

Speaking in a four-minute radio segment recorded for the BBC'sThought for the Day, the first in line to the throne said it was "beyond all belief" that humanity had not learnt the lessons of the Holocaust.

David said...

Further to Lord Egbut's above erudition, I also overheard this conversation.

Trump: “So remind me again why I shouldn’t nuke ’em?”

General (desperately wishing he’d taken that retirement): “Well, sir, first of all, the immediate impact would involve the deaths of millions of innocent civilians.”

Trump: “But foreigners, right?”

General: “Well, yes. And there would likely be millions more casualties in the long-term due to fallout and increased cancer risks….”

Trump (eyes glazing over, tiny trigger finger itching)

General: “…uh, and also, there would likely be a reprisal.”

Trump: “Yeah, but not nuclear, right?”

General: “Actually, yes. Their nuclear capabilities consist of…”


General (pondering how to explain the history of nuclear proliferation to a man with the attention span of a mayfly): “….well…”


General: (sighs)

Trump: “Ok, so they nuke us back, we get our hair mussed a little… well, not my hair, ha ha…”

General (grasping for inspiration): “well, Mr. President, it is possible that the enemy chooses to retaliate somewhere where you own property.”

Trump: (pouts, sighs, pulls out phone) “Fine. I’ll just tweet at ’em, then.”