Saturday, December 10, 2016


No, not what happened but how it was handled by those supposedly in authority.

Even allowing for the ineptness of the scribblers, what Stuff has published following a sexual assault on a ten year old boy by another boy of the same age at a Hamilton school camp, left one struggling to eat his cornflakes.
The last participant in the drama deemed worthy of any common decency and compassion seems to be the sleeping victim when the assault began.
The perpetrator, the supervisors, school staff, the principal, the school, the board of trustees, the national body of trustees, the education department, the police, and the parents of the perp all seemed to have been protected by the system while the victim, on the published evidence seems to have been on the bottom of that extended list for any humanity.

In an age when politically correctness and process are given prime place on the check list with police vetting of parents offering to act as additional support persons for an extra curricular school activity on field trips, camps, billets, transport providers, it seems there might have been a massive failure in providing safety for one unfortunate victim of an extension of the natural curiosity of children growing up.

Even the third party involved in the original incident allowed things to not just occur but be repeated without raising 'Cain' when awakened by the light being switched on before anything bad happened.

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