Thursday, December 1, 2016


Hot on the heels of a Colmar Brunton poll giving National around a simple parliamentary majority came more bad news for the little union snarler.
Always erratic but favoured by the left, Roy Morgan has delivered another shocker for the now even more temporary leader of the opposition hovering around in single figures as Prime Minister in waiting.
Yes it is a certain bet Little will survive a coup but whether he can hold onto a semblance of a center left rump at the current levels of polling must be problematical.
With the situation of Nick Leggatt, always held as a future prominent figure now in tatters after Little's assassination attempt over his challenge to Lester in the Wellington mayoralty that under the Labour Party Rules required a stand down as a member of the now one hundred year old party that seems another step towards oblivion to challenge an official party nomination but to take him out the way "my way or the Highway" did, might just have been a bit OTT.
As Farrar points out even the little snarler will be seriously at risk of making it back on a list next year should it go any further south from the high twenties, from his assured place of number one as leader.

So Mr Pretend Leader of the opposition show the country what your internal polling is saying, then again it might well be even worse news.

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OK....Mt Roskill