Saturday, December 17, 2016


My increasingly spasmodic and unpredictable attendance here is due to a more chaotic personal lifestyle that is beyond manageable control, yesterday was no exception.
A planned day changed with an unscheduled trip to the city, on return, asked swmbo to rest so she started to watch the TVOne infotainment hour.

Then heard an astonishing fact when the entertainer announced the never before claimed news that the "City Mission" had discovered an " increasing demand" for their " free food parcels".
Astonishing just seemed so inadequate somehow and preparing tea had to be suspended while a small tincture of granny Clampet's " medcin" was imbibed as I digested this totally from left field revellation.  I mean it is almost beyond belief that demand  for some offering, provided at the expense of a person not identified, and promoted as "free" could increase exponentially. Hells bells even a beneficiary of long standing might just workout the economic advantages of creating increased discretionary spending by avoiding buying food.

Evidently that discovery was news!!!

Another bit of astonishing, not announced with that bit of mind boggling discovery, is the clear linkage of guilt to be harnessed at this time of good cheer, with the clamour for funds by the Sallies, the City Mission and other do gooders who seem hell bent on excusing crap parents from providing for their spawn at every opportunity.
Meanwhile in the real world worn out people who provided for their offspring in earlier times at considerable reduction in personal comforts, suffer as they wait for medical/ surgical relief  because they have been forced to abandon medical insurance due to savage premium cost increases. A wait that can be extended considerably by self indulgent morons inflicting harm safe in the knowledge that  the public health system has clear capacity to relieve their suffering that was clearly avoidable.


The Veteran said...

GD ... I know the Auckland City Missioner well. Chris F is a dedicated good guy. He and all the other entities providing assistance work on the 80/20 rule. The need exists, the reasons are complex, and it is accepted there will always be a number who will seek, for whatever reason, to game the system ... like the 'entrepreneur' in South Auckland who sold tickets to the Auckland City Mission Xmas meal ... albeit inclusive of a 'free' bus ride.

You accept that as part and parcel of life. I acknowledge and support their work.

Paulus said...

It is nature to say that "the more you give the more people want".
I understand that many families send a new family member along with the same children to get another go at the pot.

Gerald said...

Paulus if you have evidence of MANY doing that I hope you have alerted all those hard working people who work for those charities.

JC said...

Who gains the most from these charities.. the hungry people they support.. or the paid staff and workers and the social justice warriors who promote them?

There is an iron clad rule in these charities that is easily observed over the decades.. if the country has hard times the need for such charities soars as thousands more go hungry; if times are good then the need for such charities soars as tens of thousands more go hungry because inequality or something.

In other words somewhere between once a week to once a month or before such occasions like Christmas we have to pretend that a shocking new study has come out showing its "worse than we thought" and that we or the Govt have been crassly remiss and must support the paid staff of the charities and their SJWs immediately.

OK, I'm maligning a lot of very decent people here but charity in the Western world is now one of the biggest businesses going and attracts much the same advertising, scare tactics, professional fund raising and heart tugging given over to scams of every scurrilous nature in our increasingly unserious world.. I speak as one who spent over a decade involved in the brutal world of competition for the charity dollar.