Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Today Labour MP Kelvin Davis will launch a hard hitting attack on Corrections and their Union sector over the latest death in custody at Christchurch  Men's Prison with no-one associated with those terrible SIRCO people involved.
Hang on that would not fit the union mantra SERCO Bad Unions good would it, perhaps Kel will be too busy methinks.

And everyone else lived happily ever after. Pity about the poor bugger found dead in the prison.


Gerald said...

The truth will come out eventually.

gravedodger said...

Gerald misses the target yet again, my point was that if it had been a SERCO gaol, Davis would have had his fuse lit by his union speech writers and he would have been all over another failure of a private run prison.
Then in Gerald's view with his telescope firmly held to his blind eye, union good, private baaad.

Gerald said...

Who give a shit what Davis or you have to say in the near future we will all be privy to what happened.