Tuesday, December 20, 2016


But the actions of FIFA in fining the England Football Association 45,000 Swiss franks (GBP 35,311); Scotland and Wales 20,000 Sfr (GBP 15,694) and Northern Ireland 15,000 Sfr (GPB 11,770) for the truly heinous crime of displaying a poppy on team shirts at Remembrance Day fixtures shows a sport governing body that has lost the plot.

That this particular sport has difficulty in allowing national teams to honor the men and women of their country who have made the  supreme sacrifice demonstrates an arrogance beyond belief.

One might have thought their time and effort might be better directed at rooting out the stink of corruption that characterised the sport under the Presidency of Sepp Blatter including claims that he enriched himself at the sport's expense and the indictment of senior FIFA officials on numerous accounts of bribery and fraud.

In Rugby and League, they at least have got their priorities right.


Anonymous said...

Comparing apples and oranges Veteran. Rugby and it's derivatives are firmly rooted in the British commonwealth countries where the poppy is regarded by everyone as symbol of remembrance. Football is a a truly international game where the poppy symbol is not understood and sometimes is an unpleasant reminder of things that went before.

England would not wear the poppy if they were playing Argentina in either rugby or football any more than we would if playing the Vietnamese at Badminton on ANZAC day in Hanoi. The bottom line is if you want to be in the club (and make loads o'dosh) you must play by the rules.

Lord Egbut

J Bloggs said...

Whats worst about FIFA's actions in this respect is that FIFA has punished the Welsh football association, not for players wearing the poppy during the match, like England and Scotland, but for the FANS in the stands displaying poppy symbols. As if the welsh football association can control what fans wear to the stadium!

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you are trying to defend the indefensible. For C*********s the fines levied against England and Scotland were in respect of a match played against each other at Wembley on Remembrance Day. Crass and stupid decision. OK, IFAB rules prevent the wearing of emblems bearing a political, religious or personal message on player kits ... how come then you regularly see players wearing a black armband respecting the passing of a football identity?

This whole shumozzle reminds me of the WW1 adage describing the British soldier as 'Lions led by Donkeys'.

Anonymous said...

Veteran.....How we view the poppy is immaterial, it is how the the rest of the world views it is the point. The French symbol is the Cornflower and the Germans wear the forget-me-not. These flowers are in respect of WW1 ONLY and they are never worn with military uniform.. The German state as we know it did not exist way back then.

The Poppy, to a certain extent, has been militarised and by default covers all dead of all wars...even the wars that were unashamedly political and and are not remembered fondly in those countries where events happened. The Vietnamese, quite rightly in my view, banned all medals including poppies at Long Tan ceremonies. If the football matches were not televised all over the world then it would have slipped under the radar.

Like Christmas decorations the poppy is being worn earlier and earlier in the UK and are becoming more and more ornate and has become less a symbol of genuine remembrance then a vehicle to promote unit in a divided country.

J.Bloggs...I think you will find that it was because of the huge poppy banners erected in the stands by the Welsh football ass. not the individual supporters.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Make the cheque out to S Blatter I presume

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... and the black armband bit????????

Anon 2.29 ... naughty and droll