Thursday, December 1, 2016


Up until ten days ago we had a small Z and a large Caltex petrol station in little olde Paihia.    Then we received a note in the mail that Z was closing down ... nothing too suprising about that as Z now owns Caltex and it doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense competing against yourself.

But, as they say, wait, there's more.    Seven days after Z closed down the station reopened under the Waitomo Petroleum brand ... a family owned Kiwi Company.    They are marketing their petrol at 1.69.9 per litre regular which forced Caltex to match while just 20k away in Keri2 Caltex and BP are charging $1.85.9 for the same.  

I'm supporting Waitomo.


gravedodger said...

On our winter safari, Waitomo Manawhatu were a breath of fresh air, but across the central NI Mobil were best buy with their coverage. Mobil Taupo won the gold with diesel at .75 cent per litre, when I asked how they do it the cashier said you can beat that up the road ?
Whatever happened to the "very tight margins theory".
Here in CHCH Nelson petroleum, trading as NPD in Halswell junction road are always around 18/ 21 cpl below the majors. When "Z" pulled their support for Brian's outfit in Akaroa NPD stepped in and we have town pricing at the end of HWY 75' 80 kms from the city, plus a ten cent discount for gold card and honouring all supermarket dockets.
Funny that now " Z" are off the list and Caltex similar and NPD are spreading their coverage with outlets in Blenheim and Timaru.
Other grey nomads have signed up with McKeown Fuels with similar pricing to NPD.

Anonymous said...

The issue is do they make a buck at these prices? We know so little about the margins its hard to tell when we are being fleeced. Suspicion is not proof so while I'll buy cheap I'll not necessarily bag the biggies.