Tuesday, December 6, 2016


It took this to drag me out of self imposed exile.

National needs its very own ABC group.
My pick from my quiet corner of Northland is Dr Jonathon Coleman.
No murky, dodgy shit or Kauri stumps to be tripped up by.
New blood, personable, smart and a safe pair of hands.
Leave English as number 2. He has done a fantastic job in finance.
Next year should still be a resounding victory and a fourth term National government if they adopt the Labour parties ABC approach to selecting a new leader.
Key has been a fantastic PM for NZ, I cannot imagine we would have coped as well through multiple crisis if anybody else had been at the helm. Coleman has a similar air about him and the Lab/ Greens spin machine probably have no dirt on him.


Angry Tory said...

Can't expect English to stay around after the election if he's not PM. The new PM would't want him anyway.

When Red Radio complains that Key is "retiring with his political capital intact" having "failed to make any changes to NZ" and kept "communism by stealth" then it is clear the next National PM needs to be someone who will make real reforms in NZ: starting in next year's budget.

There's only one cabinet minster with enough guts to do what is required: Judith Collins.

Ruth reformed half the economy with just one budget. Collins could take both PM & Finance Minister, have one budget next year, and fix the other half. National was re-elected after Ruthanasia (and even Labour after Rogernomics).

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Good to see you continue to breathe, Barnsley.

A merry and peaceful Christmas to you and your family.

paul scott said...

Its interesting to hear that Coleman's credential is that he "" has an air about him "".
True blue rinse. Here comes a 5% hit. Those crises, I must have been asleep you didn't say what they were and how the tin can kicker resolved them .