Wednesday, December 7, 2016


The bar for having a Judge throwing out a case and declaring it as vexatious is a high one indeed.

Colin Craig has cleared that bar with ease with his latest lawsuit alleging copyright infringement by Jordan Williams (Taxpayer Union) and Cam Slater (Whaleoil) against him as a poet thrown out by Judge Mary Sharp in the Auckland District Court yesterday.    The Judge described the proceedings 'vexatious' and 'improper' and a 'deception perpetrated on the Court'.   In making those comments she granted Williams and Slater leave to apply for indemnity costs.

Craig, in describing himself as poet, insults all poets ... even bad ones.   His poem, repeated below, struggles to make bad ....

There is only one of me, it's true
But I wish this was not the case, because I wish I could have you
If instead of one man I was two 
That would be one for all the other and one of me for you

Times up for Craig as it is with Crimdotcon.     Both have no standing.   Both have no credibility.   Craig should remove himself from public life; Crimdotcon should remove himself from New Zealand before he is removed in an orange jump suit.


paul scott said...

Its a good poem, clearly stating feeling.

The Veteran said...

Paul .... naaah, trash writing by a philanderer possessed with a self inflated ego, and lacking common 'cents'. Good to see you sticking up for trash.

Anonymous said...

Agree Dotcom should go.
he tweeted today that Key left because there is a stack of hacked Govt papers to come ,and he copied a tweet from Hager hinting the same.
The Daily Blog had a post inferring another book coming out with dirt on Key.

These pricks are admitting to committing crimes and /or knowing about it.
Clearly the left (Labour are involved , why aren't the police or security services doing something about it, or is it acceptable to commit crimes to influence an election.

The left were screaming blue murder ( and still are) after blaming wikileaks for Clintons loss.
Why are they so against hacking only when they are not the beneficiaries

Anonymous said...

further to last

EH of D

Anonymous said...

Kim Dotcom ‏@KimDotcom Dec 5
The moment of truth will always be the thing @johnkeypm hated the most. Half of New Zealand was laughing with us 😂😂😂

and the other more intelligent half were laughing at you Kim

EH of D

Anonymous said...

Holywood bigwigs make it clear to VP Biden that they wanted file sharing sites to be dealt with or the money spigot to the DNC would be shut off, so the administration went out to make an example of Dotcom. Maybe the Donald's pending administration won't give a shit about it?

The Veteran said...

Poor old crimdotcon ...too thick to realise that he and his are totally irrelevant to mainstream NZ society.