Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Fascinating that both President Obama and Vice President Biden have now both conceded that Shillary was disaster candidate for their Party who, despite outspending the Republicans big time and enjoying massive media support, not only lost the race for the White House but also led the Democrats to defeat in both the Senate and the House and saw them perform badly in the gubernatorial elections where they now only hold 19 Governorships, a net loss of three to the Republicans.

Obama's tweet that he could have beaten Trump was a calculated slap down of Clinton and reinforced Biden's claim that she was seen as arrogant, that her campaign lacked vision and failed to connect with the Democrat demographic.    Biden's comment that the Democrat Party was seen as 'elitist' was insightful indeed.  Obama/Biden/Clinton ....  physician heal thyself.

Obama and Biden at least recognise the truth.   'She' lost, Trump won ... and all the crowing over the popular vote won't change things one iota.


Anonymous said...

Politicians will suck up to a dead rat if it helps a campaign so that shows how bad Hillary is. Obama always knew she was awful but being stupid believed the polls like nearly everyone else.


Anonymous said...

I suppose if you put your name to the product you must take ultimate responsibility when the product does not do what it says on the tin. But in the real world it is the campaign manager and campaign team that bear the blame. It was Trumps campaign manager who took his phone off him otherwise he would have tweeted himself to disaster.

You hire people at great expense to do a job and when they don't you accept the blame.

The hatred and continual reference to arrogance stems from a year of troll bombardment from the Russia united party on every blog, every social media site and News paper comments section in the western world. People being herd animals pick up on this
and repeat it and the more it is repeated the truer it becomes. A lie repeated enough becomes the truth....Goebals.

A Scottish judge has given permission to a woman to sue Trump Golf course when she was filmed taking a pee behind the sandhills on his golf course. As she was an environmentalist and active in trying to get the course canned so they released footage.

Not up to me to make a judgement but Trump is the sole proprietor of the course, it not a part of Trump corp. which means he is in the chair and must carry the can....wonder if he will and whether a middle aged lady with high principles and an undying contempt for the orange one can be bought off.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

11 dead..49 wounded. Bloody Muslims....er no, just the body count from the Christmas festivities in Chicago. Another one of Obama's "failed" policies, failed because the republican backed NRA scuppers gun control at every turn.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Hell no, the muzzies can do much better than that.


Anonymous said...

Who are you anon? There is no justification for that site apart from hate or a political agenda. Almost all of Africa's attacks are are tribal based and pale into insignificance with the general crime and mayhem that happens in "normal life" in some African countries.

If you are concerned with African atrocities you want to see what the the Christian can do....or the Hindu's against Muslims. or the , or the, or the etc,etc.

Who are you????

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you mean a woman of 'high principles' filmed peeing and trespassing on private land is suing the owner!!!!! Methinks the 'Scotch' judge has supped well.
Court case going nowhere.

I'm no apologist for Trump but the people have spoken and the people are right even when they're wrong. But at least Trump, like Corbyn deserves half a chance ... although in Corbyn's case the half chance is now down to a quarter.

Shillary was a bad candidate. No amount of cant or hubris can hide that fact and while 40/40 backwards vision is no excuse at least Obama and Biden can acknowledge the simple truth.

Anonymous said...

Private land?.. read queens chain. "Scotch" is a drink. Are you questioning a judicial decision made with evidence presented that we have no access to.

Forget Hillary Clinton, gone, gone with the wind, no need to mention the name again. I'm sick and tired of even hearing it. Drumph is the problem now...deal with it.

Oh yes, the people spoke, but the electoral college spoke louder.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... lighten up, of course Scotch is a drink ... read the next four words. Your post didn't mention the Queen's Chain. You said 'behind the sandhills on his golf course'.

I agree however that Shillary is now consigned to the dustbin of history.

As for Trump (and I am on record as opposing his candidacy) ... I will judge him on his results ... not his words. Over-inflated political rhetoric is par for the course on both sides of the political divide.

Yesterday I cam across this snippet from the aftermath of the 1964 Presidential election campaign. Johnson the 'peacemaker' vs Goldwater the 'warmonger'. A woman voter made this bitter joke against Johnson ... 'I was told if I voted for Goldwater we would be at war in six months. I did ... and we were'. Classic case of by their actions you shall know them.

Angry Tory said...

Obama and Biden are just pissed off because America (in fact the World) has rejected their leftism and liberalism - and everything that they've done from Israel to Iran, from Obamacare to Gay Rights is about to be dismantled, and then far far more besides.

Looking at the numbers (something leftists of course cannot do) then it's clear Clinton lost for two reasons:

Middle-class white women turned out and voted for TRUMP not Clinton. Blacks didn't turn out for Clinton.

Please explain how Biden, Bernie, Booker, Blasio, Cuomo, Feingold, Kaine, Manchin, Warren or anyone else could have done better than Clinton with middle-class white women, and blacks.

Leftist liberals are in denial because, ultimately, Hillary didn't lose it: TRUMP won - and they are completely unable to contemplate what that means for leftism / liberalism / labourism in the entire world.

Angry Tory said...

Looking at the bigger picture - from NZ to UK to US to Europe - the answer is even simple: leftist liberalism is dead.

Here's some of what the Guardian (for goodness sake!) thinks could possibly happen next year.


...another indiscriminate, deadly attack early in the year bodes ill for a continent that lost 130 people to terrorist attacks in 2016. It plays into the hands of Geert Wilders, the Dutch far-right candidate in March general elections, who sweeps to victory.

Barely a month later – just before the first round of France’s potentially pivotal presidential elections on 23 April – Turkey’s increasingly autocratic president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, finally runs out of patience... Erdoğan decides now would be a good time to open his borders, allowing hundreds of thousands of desperate refugees and migrants stuck in Turkey to leave for the EU if they wish, which many – especially fit young men – do.

Marine Le Pen of the radical-right, anti-immigration Front National storms to a shock second-round victory in May.

Five Star Movement (M5S) then completes an anti-establishment takeover of three of the EU’s six original members, and by autumn ... Angela Merkel falls in Germany’s federal elections.

In the Netherlands and France, Wilders and Le Pen head for early referendums on Nexit and Frexit; Italy calls a plebiscite on readopting the lira... Greece says once more: “Can’t pay, won’t pay,” and Berlin and Brussels reply: no more bailouts.

I think most of this is very likely to happen indeed, along with the US leaving the UN (or the UN collapsing as well as the EU); Israel finally annexing the West Bank and Gaza, and who knows, a US vs China shooting war in the South China Sea.

Leftists are irrelevant and leftism is finished. Cameron Slater (or Judith Collins) is far more likely to be NZ's prime minister in 2020 than anyone from the Labour, Green, Maori, Mana, or National parties.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

AT at 12:16

Well said.

AT at 12:24

And then you buggered it up.

pdm said...

Vet - even at this early stage I think there is a clear difference between Trump and Corbyn.

Trump is just plain unlikeable.
Corbyn is nuts.

Angry Tory said...

France: please explain why a couple of million French civil servants will vote for Fillion to chop their jobs.

Germany: look at the polling. Merkel been in government far too long. If she'd done a Key, the grant (National + Labour) coalition might have surprised.

Italy: Beppe Grillo - Italy's Cam Slater - has been building his 5 start movement for years. The Mayor of Rome is 5 star.
They will hold the balance of power at the next election.

Corbyn is England's Cunliffe.

Anonymous said...

PDM...for a bloke (Corbyn) who doesn't make it into the media when he has something important to say he seems to be doing OK. Unlike previous labour leaders he does not have a single newspaper on his side and the papers now control the online media. This is due to very lax British law on ownership with a wealthy American and wealthy Russian not to mention a Porn Baron owning most of the "resectable" papers.

It's a one sided battle for the public mind now.

Lord Egbut