Thursday, November 17, 2016


My pick is The Otorohanga Transport Group who operate the very successful and business friendly  "Bluebridge" Ferry service across Cook Straight who will be looking to reinstate Wellington Lyttleton RoRo freight by sea..

The reinstatement of the four hundred truck units capacity now buried under tonnes of mud and rock on the remnant rail link must be exercising those charged with moving North South freight.
If it took nearly a year and a half to clear one slip in the Manawhatu Gorge it must be going to take years to get things on the Kaikoura Coast up and running again. There is the added factor that for much of the length the rail and roads are very close proximity and one has massive impact on the other, logistically.

Of course the morons currently believing they are a government in waiting will be only seeing an opportunity to regain a monopoly on freight delivery with an opportunity via Union reinstatement, that continually disrupted things around the three quarter mark of last century.

One factor may intrude with the death lastAugust of one of the founding partners of OTG holdings  and a forward thinking Entrepreneur Jim Barker.
Bluebridge are my first call to cross the water , in fact I don't ever even consider the flash Harry with slick advertising as the Otorohanga crew excellent in every department with a basic efficient, reliable and always cheerful delivery ethos. A relationship that grew out of a very long standing agreement with the NZMCA that Kiwirail have struggled to match.
Blue bridge do not have any rail capability  but are vehicle focussed and very user friendly and their Wellington dock is right in Downtown within walking distance of eating and shopping while KR are at the North end of Aotea Quay.


Chris said...

We always travel with Bluebridge now after the fiasco a few years ago with Interislander when they lost the propeller and sailing were held up for quite a while.
Were on a BB sailing a couple of weeks ago, 7pm. Had a meal. Mine was a steak sandwich, while SWMBO had fish and chips. Have to say my steak was as good as any restaurant I have had the same in and the same for the F&C. A million times better than the over cooked crap on Interislander.

Anonymous said...

I like my ships to have stabilisers fitted and choices about sailing on the briney do not center on food. For coastal shipping to succeed long term we will have to abandon stocking based on the "just in time" philosophy now prevalent.