Thursday, November 10, 2016

Whitey's revenge

Last night I was thinking that at least having an obnoxious loudmouth with a ridiculous hairdo, an east European trophy wife and a penchant for gold plating as PotUS offers a great four years for America's comedians.  On reflection, it's actually terrible news for America's comedians.  When your President's best-known view on women is "Grab 'em by the pussy," what could you come up with that he won't, er, trump?

I'm picturing a new national motto to go on the great seal of the United States in place of "E pluribus unum" - the more appropriate one now would be "No class."


Psycho Milt said...

Also: was about to edit the post to add the question of what Trump has to say about the election being "rigged" now, but I see people all over the world beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, what you see is not what you get. In the last hour crooked Hillary has become a distinguished lady who believes in her country, the wall actually was an allegory for tighter border controls and requesting a persons religion at the border is against the constitution.

The founding fathers anticipated his event by framing the law in such a way where megalomaniacs can not run riot.

You can kick the TPTA into the long grass and look forward to high import tariffs that will be imposed to "attract" US firms back to the USA to give work to the rust belt.

If you have shares in NZ businesses that export the US ...drop 'em. Fortress America looms.

Lord Egbut

paul scott said...

I would like to see Clinton and Islamobama hanging upside down in Washington square.
And I would like to see the statue of Lincoln the insane warmonger who killed 500,000 men for the first Empire, I would like to see his statue torn down and replaced by Trump.

Friends what has happened yesterday is a major victory for ordinary good people in the world. Those who were watching were aware that the Clinton machine was an insane and evil war machine with back handed deals, death warrants, and abuse of almost every other country in the world. President Putin has already sent a note to Trump suggesting that at last there will be an alliance of peace between Russia and USA. This is the most significant political event in my entire life time. And that is quite a while .
Brexit Trump New Zealand

The Veteran said...

Paul ... any credibility you might have has gone out the window completely with your quite insane comment that you would like to see Obama and Clinton hanging upside down in Washington Square ... like Benito M and Claretta P ... guess you weren't too fussy on the trial bit either.

Spout that sort of rhetoric and one has to wonder why you live in Bangkok ... what are you running away from? Winston First is welcome to you although he would probably want to disown any association after reading your post.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Perhaps he just wants to hang them up for half an hour or so and then let them go again once the blood has all gone to their heads.

Psycho Milt said...

Friends what has happened yesterday is a major victory for ordinary good people in the world.

Well, it's a victory for people like you, as Trump certainly does seem to represent you. For everyone else, it's a tragicomedy of as-yet-unknown proportions.

Noel said...

Some crackers on social media.
I like the take on the islamophobia map this time with a map of the USA and Dumberstan across it.

Anonymous said...

Veteran...I do believe that our ladyboy loving Bangkok correspondent is a troll from the St Petersburg factory. The Russians have been using social media in an extraordinary way in both the Brexit referendum and the US election, I do not know what influence they have had but as people are herd animals I believe it is significant. I do not include Finko in that....he is just an ordinary fascist with a small willy.

Lord Egbut Nobacon