Friday, November 4, 2016


You're about to be held to account.    Tomorrow National's Pre-Selection Committee will meet to determine the candidates to go forward to selection by the rank and file membership of the Party in Northland.   The committee comprises nine members; five from the electorate; two nominated by the Regional Chairman and a further two by the Party President.  

They will be interviewing an eclectic group of aspiring candidates, each one resident in Northland and reflecting the broad spectrum of Northland society.   The committee is charged with the responsibility of paring the number of candidates to go forward to selection to a maximum of five.

Prior to selection which is to be held in Kerikeri on Saturday 26 November when an expected 100+ voting delegates from eleven branches will meet to determine 'our' next MP there will be three 'Meet the Candidate' meetings in Kaiwaka on Saturday 19 November; KeriKeri on Monday 21 November and Kaitaia on Wednesday 23 November.  A voting delegate must attend at least one of these meetings.

Northland is winnable for National.   The incumbent MP is hardly seen and relies on Press Releases. His constituency consists of the easily led, the permanently confused and the grumpy.    Problem for him is that all the promises he made at the time of the bi-election are coming home to roost ... like the free trips for his OAP cohort on the Paihia-Russell and Hokianga ferries.   They're still waiting ... all piss and wind from a populist throwback from the 1970s who is all whisky and bluster.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

".......someone who is all whisky and nicotine."

There you go,Vet. Fixed it for ya!

Anonymous said...

You are to polite Vet.
I am rabidly anti left but have some respect for even nutters from the Greens.
Unlike Peters these people actually believe in what they say .
Peters just says what he thinks others will believe.

The Realist said...

Permanently confused and grumpy people will never vote National

Noel said...

Ok so bridges couldn't compete with phantom ferry discounts last time. Wonder what the promises will be this time.i think most voters are educated enough now to discount anything offered during an election.

Gerald said...

Last time the two real drivers were a feeling of neglect by Government to Northland outside of Kerikeri and Bay of Islands. The second been there was nothing to loose voting Winston. Not sure if the Goverment offering something during a bi election and not fulfilling after loosing the seat will impact on voters.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... there was an elephant in the room last time ... gone. Add to that the stich-up deal between Labour and Peters and the Greens not fielding a candidate and it was always going to be tough with a new candidate battling for name recognition.

Going to be a whole new ball game this time round played against the backdrop of a general election scenario with the expectation that the National candidate will be working full time from the beginning of next year to win the seat

You say voters had nothing to lose by cocking a snoot at the Government ... we'll have to agree to disagree on that. How about meaningful RMA reform for starters?

One thing for sure. Peters anti TPPA rhetoric has won him very few friends in the farming community and farming rates big in Northland.

Gerald said...

There was a feeling of neglect from voters and they thought they had nothing to loose last time..
What is the farmer percentage of the total Northland voter demographic?

Noel said...

Gerald there are around 800 dairy farmers, don't know how many dry stock and others so to be generous 3000?

Anonymous said... add the number of employees of the 3000 who will vote labour. Oh silly me, no they won't, they can't speak English.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... now you're being silly. The RSE Scheme (which brings workers in from the Pacific Islands to do the work that 'out of work' New Zealanders shy away from) has eight registered providers in Northland. People on the scheme don't get to vote and most I've met speak English.

Willow Jean Prime is the Labour Party standard bearer. She is a good operator who polled well in the local body elections and enjoys good name recognition. Labour rank and file did not take kindly to the stitch-up deal with Peters last time round and you can expect the Labour vote to increase markedly from their poor bi-election showing.

Then of course we have the Green MP (whose name escapes everyone) resident in Keri2 and it will be interesting to see if the Labour-Green pact extends to the Greens not putting up a candidate where they have a sitting MP.

p.s. on the much derided 'bridges'. Tenders for the upgrade of the Taipa, Kaio and Matakohe have now been let with the others to follow and no thanks to Peters.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that racial discrimination Veteran....the mainland gets all the Filipinos and Vietnamese and Forrest Gump county gets all the Pacific Islanders :-(

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... more silliness. The RSE Scheme has in excess of 100 providers with the majority around the Hastings/Napier and Blenheim/Nelson areas. With our unemployment at a new low it's a pragmatic solution that benefits both the worker and the employer.