Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Utterly Predictable

A few days ago I suggested Pres Elect Trump would freeze out the partisan pro Clinton media.

And so it has come to pass.

So far up themselves they didn't even see it coming.

Katie Bradford take note and learn to spell these words which you will be writing frequently.




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Anonymous said...

One tweet, that's all it took, one tweet to show that Crooked Donald is unfit for the role he is about to undertake. Farage AKA Little Lord Haw Haw might as well tape a for sale sign on his head. Now I know the world is going mad when a tweet can undermine the present UK ambassador in Washington, the PM and the UK parliament......so much for the brexiteers parliamentary sovereignty. Might as well give Trump the keys to No 10.

Oh I forgot, in some peoples eyes diplomacy is political correctness and should be binned..... Phew, glad that is sorted then.

Lord Egbut