Tuesday, November 29, 2016


to label the challenges to his wins in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania being orchestrated by Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, a scam designed to enrich the coffers of her Party.

Lets ignore the fact that Stein only managed to rack up 1% of the vote.   Lets ignore the fact that the Greens didn't make the ballot in all fifty States.   She's acting as a surrogate for the effete liberal left who are refusing to concede their girl lost while ignoring the fact that Clinton conceded the election on the night.    The fact that the Clinton campaign has now moved to back the challenges (despite having conceded there is very little chance of success) reinforces the old adage of  'show me a poor loser and I'll show you a loser'.

Contrast that with the way Nixon conducted himself following his defeat by Kennedy in the 1960 campaign.   Kennedy won Illinois by less than 9,000 votes out of 4.75m cast with the Democratic Party political machine holding back release of the vote in Cook County until the result in the rest of the State became clear (Nixon won 92 out of that State's 101 counties) and with Mayor Daley urging his people 'to vote early and vote often'. 

Same in Texas where Nixon lost by 46,000 votes despite numerous cases of voter fraud being uncovered ... an example of that was Fannin County which had only 4,895 registered voters yet 6,138 votes were cast with three quarters of those going for Kennedy.

If Nixon has won Illinois and Texas he would have won the Presidency yet he refused to challenge the result stating that were he to do so he would risk initiating a constitutional crisis ... say what you like about Nixon but he got this one right. 

Clearly Clinton's no Nixon and Stein something less.

Updated ... Stein missed the deadline for filing in Pennsylvania; in Wisconsin her request for officials to do a hand recount was denied ... she has now filed suit against this while Michigan has now been officially declared for Trump who won the State by over 10,000 votes.

This whole exercise by losers losers is going nowhere.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, the Greens are very good at conning idjits intp giving them money for one purpose and then using the money for something quite different.

Now, where have I seen that before?

David said...

Ahem, Trump himself has declared there were 3 million votes cast illegally, therefore it is in Trump's interest to have these 3 million illegal votes uncovered or else brand him a narcissistic liar.

I look forward to seeing Trump's evidence.

Anonymous said...

Trump doesn't need to appeal , he won the election which a lot of losers seem to have missed
EH of D

David said...

Trump claims 3 million illegal votes, surely that should be investigated

The Veteran said...

David ... naaah. You need to catch up with the fact that the election was decided on the State (Electoral College) vote and not the popular vote ... although, to be fair, Trump does also.

Go down the narcissistic liar route and I give you Hillary Clinton.

Gerald said...

But he also said the whole process was rigged......then accepted the results.
Everything he said before winning he's now back tracking on.

I loved his reversal on having Clinton jailed..so she can heal...what rot it wasn't going to fly.

Want to lay bets on how many km of fence is constructed during his one term Presidency?

Anonymous said...

David and Gerald

What I can't understand is the left who are so anti establishment and against the political class ,but are also vehemently against the most anti-establishment, anti the political class presidential candidate that's ever been

EH of D

Anonymous said...

He should just shut the fuck up. Build a wall...scam. Ban Muslims...scam. Luck up HC....scam. Tarrifs on Chinese goods so US factories come scurrying home....scam.

Name a building in Istanbul after himself the same time as Turkey was told her Human rights abuses meant that any chance of joining the EU was finished....not a scam. Eight hotel deals in Saudi this week......not a scam.
Almost all of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi.......perhaps they were taking out Trumps competition.

And this blog is worried about a recount which as I have said before is quite usual in a democratic society in order to remove the element of doubt and restore faith in the voting system.

Lets wait for the results before the finger wagging begins and drop all this meaningless left/right stuff. The French right = the UK centre The NZ Centre = US left. The Russian right = most Sth American dictatorships.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

paul scott said...

Progressive warrior wabbits up and about, snivelling as usual. Trump isn't President at all, and Brexit didn't happen.

Noel said...

EH and D

Overstating Trump. He's just a guy who could stunp up enough money like the rest of the Presidential contenders.

In realitity it will the Republican Congress that has the hand inside the Trunp puppet.

Anonymous said...

-Poor delicate little snow flakes.
Trump won.
Billary lost.
Build a bridge and get over it

Gerald said...

Sticks and stones to you Amoron.

Noel said...

Thanks Gerald
"in calling someone a snowflake, you are not just shutting down their opinion, but telling them off for being offended that you are doing so. And if you, the snowflake, are offended, you are simply proving that you’re a snowflake. It’s a handcuff of an insult and nobody has the key."

Probably above Anon 8.50

The Veteran said...

Noel, this piece from earlier in the article probably has it about right ... 'So if the right are calling the left snowflakes for being liberal, and the left are calling the right snowflakes for expressing offence, and the old are calling the young snowflakes for being too thin-skinned, and the young are pointing out that the older generation seem to be the most offended by what they’re doing, then the only winner is the phrase itself.'

Anonymous said...

There is lot of people drawing a parallel between Trump and Brexit. his could not be more misguided as it is coincidental and not at all similar.

The fact that Brexit has not happened and is unlikely to has escaped the trolls notice.

The fact that the outgoing CIA chief had to publicly remind the President Elect not to trust the Russians speaks volumes.

Lord Egbut