Monday, November 21, 2016

The Troggs

Currently there is massive television adverting for a forthcoming 'concert' by the 1960s B grade pop group, The Troggs.

They had one hit called 'Wild Thing.'

As Adolf remembers it, the song went something like this:-

Waaald thing

You make maa ring sing

You are maa everything

Oh yeeeaaaaah

Well that's the unauthorized version but it's the only one I can remember.

Such was the culcha which produced Helen Clark and Phil Goff.

If you go along, you'll see a few hundred semi-literate geriatrics, rocking themselves into their next heart attack or stroke.


David said...

Continuing the education of Adolf, The Troggs had more than one hit, and with three Gold Discs to their credit, which is exactly 3 more than Adolf has acquired, are a major influence in rock.

Who (other than Adolf) could forget this one?

Of course, Adolf no doubt prefers the Leftist Post Punk Scritti Politti inspired damp version.

Anonymous said...

Speaking on behalf of the Veteran and fellow "semi geriatrics" we remember that song with a great deal of fondness.......particularly when Normie Rowe (remember him) hooked up his APC's speaker to AFVN Radio. We used to love listening to these communist inspired songs in between fire missions.

David...carry on the missionary work but fear it falls on stony ground.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

I presume Adolph spent his youth (was he ever young) singing along with Pat Boone.
Sorry have to remain anonymous after that slur