Wednesday, November 2, 2016


As the US election grinds inexorably to a decision that will see a deeply flawed winner no matter which of the rather uglies on offer prevails.

As the last general election here in  NZ approached critical mass the MSM went feral with Hager and a fat Finnish born German to cripple John Key with the launch of a book "Dirty Politics".
As  there was no chink in his armour, the coalition from Hades were forced to launch their missiles at peripheral targets such as Cameron Slater and other bloggers considered supportive under the barrage of "dirty politics", all the while wanting the sheeple to believe that only the ghastly National party were capable and willing to indulge.

Colour me beige, politics is dirty, grubby and when desperation settles in neither of those is sufficient as an accurate descriptive.

With the dumping of email traffic connected to the US weapons grade tactics are revealed and because our Media is deficient in intellect they have been extremely industrious in taking sides with the Clinton Crime Family.
Two things here make for popcorn and comedy, The Democrat in situ is somewhere to the right of Mr Key while the true socialist was Bernie and some of the tactical strikes he endured until he was defeated and Trump became the target supreme were revealed as rather " grubby"  at least.

Meanwhile our media are completely ignoring the nuclear grade "dirty politics"  on show across the whole depressing charade, except they are still willing to repeat the often decades old revelations from Trumps past while his scab picking around the corrupt embedded pollies and disgraceful MSM that has ignited his missing millions denigrated as " red necked" oiks.

Politics is and always has been " dirty" just have a gander at how the Teflon coated Savage mob went after John A Lee when Savage was dying and Lee started to question whether retirement might be a better option for Saint Michael.

Now why might that be I wonder.


Paulus said...

What I would like to see is a Clinton win, she has already bought the Electoral Colleges.

Then I would expect to see her impeached if actually got to Presidency.

And Jailed for corruption and criminal conspiracy whatever the US call it.

Of course it now appears that Obama is party to some of these things as he must have known and appears in some of the email, which he and Michelle are now avoiding getting closer to the Clinton mafia.

David said...

Donald Trump has a fraud trial date in November, a Child Rape trial date in December and is facing 73 other lawsuits and yet all you can focus on is emails that Clinton did not send.

All of the above would disqualify Trump from applying for a teaching job and yet you think it's OK he runs for the most powerful job in the world.

Fucked up thinking.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Really David?

Which Clinton campaign site gave you those salacious talking points?

Desperate stuff as your she-bitch falls further behind in the polls.

The Veteran said...

GD ... sage post. Politics was never a clean game; rather a blood sport. That is the nature of the beast and it's not going to change any time soon, if ever.

I am reminded of a respected senior Labour cabinet minister I was privileged to work for (there are some). One night and over a jar or two he told me that his 'real' parliamentary friends were on the other side of the House ... that at least they were committed to stabbing him from the front.

The reality is that any for MP worth his/her salt being in cabinet/shadow cabinet is the only game in town ... and to get there requires a subtle/not too subtle attempt at destabilizing those in front of you.

As for the MSM ... most thinking people recognize that their take on the body politik is shallow and biased, designed for the shock horror and quite devoid of serious analysis. An astute politician should be able to turn that to his/her advantage ... those pricks in the media are against me, I must be good.

paul scott said...

Good post Dodger.
Rome was not built in a day, and nor will the corrupt, evil and vile Clinton foundation die in a day. However it will die. The Clinton Press machine will die.

Every post each one of us makes is a step in the direction towards sanity and freedom again.
Trump and Brexit have both damaged the New World Order, and for that we can celebrate.
To borrow a Green expression, before it became a noxious enemy, "think globally and Act locally"

I do not watch any MSM TV, and will not read Newspaper junk, even sadly the Christchurch Press. We are at War with that insanity which will probably destroy the USA and Europe, and we are going to win this War.

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