Saturday, November 19, 2016


from that snowflake, intellectually challenged, ragtag bunch of protesters out on the Waitemata today protesting at the Naval Fleet Review part of the commemorations marking 75 years since the establishment of the Royal New Zealand Navy in 1941 was no better illustrated than by the person in a rubber ducky proudly emblazoned with the slogan 'Go Home USS Sampson - You're Not Wanted'.  

And where was the USS Sampson ... offshore Kaikoura helping in the relief effort.

Nothing much more to be said.


Shelldrake said...

Nothing changes. 45 years ago their parents and grandp aren't were spitting on the gunners of 161 Battery. They always claim to be protesting against those who initiate conflict. I have never seen a protest outside the Soviet/Russian embassy or Zimbabwe High Commission. Only democracies attract their attention. What a load of clowns.

Anonymous said...

only democracies that are the USA or linked to the USA Sheldrake

Noel said...

Presently the USA is last in the list of fully democratic countries.
One wonders if Trunp goes a head with a lot of his rhetoric whether they will slip to first of the flawed democracies list.

Gerald said...

Don't be concerned Shelmallard.
There were more protest boats at the wharf expansion protest than this one.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... don't hold a candle for Trump but the converse could be true also ... the make America great again bit. Hope so.

Anonymous said...

"Great"...a non word, how has the US lost "greatness"? Define great in the broad terms of a country. If you mean it will be great internally with jobs for all and a strong dollar it will come at the cost of developing countries and the world economy in general. It would also mean fortress America, isolationism in trade and defence.

However if you mean great again in terms of world respect, fairness, sound judgement and basis human rights then I'm afraid you are whistling in the wind.

Lord Egbut

Unknown said...

So how many of those 'protesters' actually did anything for them who were affected by the earthquake?
And how come there was one nuclear power warship attending the celebration that evoked no protest action?
Shock, horror..
Does this mean the 'protesters' are somewhat politically motivated ????
Go Navy