Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Right now we are witnessing the thug actions of sheeple professional protesters trying their level best to prevent attendees from going about their lawful business in trying to enter the Defence Industries Conference in  Auckland.   Clearly spitting and jostling are the weapons of choice to be preferred over coherent argument.   Perhaps there is no coherent argument.

But hold on ... who is it, down south, working 24/7 in the forefront of the earthquake evacuation/recovery operation?    The NZ Defence Force.   I guess the protest movement hasn't quite figured that out or, if they have, prefer to ignore an inconvenient truth as incomparable with their utopian narrative.



Noel said...

Umm isn't the conference a DIA lobbying initiative?

Not sponsored by NZDEF I hope.

Gerald said...

No different to asking shareholdings in land mines to be removed from Super fund.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No doubt all the 'protesters' are well informed on all the issues. Just like their mates in the US protesting against pres-elect Trump.

Turns out half the dumb bastards arrested didn't actually vote!

May the Trumpening of America continue.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... most conferences are, in one way, shape or form, lobbying initiatives. Lockheed Martin is the main sponsor. Obviously the NZDF is the target audience ... your point?

Gerald ... crap. The Guardians of the Super Fund make their own investment decisions without resorting to spitting or jostling.

This is part of a whole week of protest directed against the DIA Conference and Operation Neptune (the RNZN 75th Anniversary commemorations) with the added incentive of some good old American bashing occasioned by the visit of the the USS Sampson which, right now, shock horror, is involved with the Kaikoura evacuation/recovery operation.

Chance for the left to parade their ignorance and prejudices.

Noel said...

Point ahhh are the protesting Operation Neptune or the NZDIA?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel, they don't know.

The Veteran said...

From Virginia Lambert, spokesthingy for Auckland Peace Action ...."We are taking non violent direct action to stop this expo from happening. This blockade is part of the Week for Peace, a series of peace actions to counter the forum and the presence of navy warships in Auckland for the 75th Anniversary celebration of the RNZN ... we want to work for peace, not prepare for or fund wars".

'Non violent direct action' LOL.

Paulus said...

They were really in Auckland ready to protest about the US Navy vessel being there.
Now it is about to arrive in Kaikoura to help in any way possible with relief.
It has a good helicopter on board and a willing crew to do whatever they are asked.
Thank you the USNavy.

Anonymous said...

The right to protest is enshrined in our democracy. Fortunately there is no mechanism to distinguish between protests that we agree or disagree with. That there was "jostling" is beyond contempt. Jostling at protests should be banned....I think I might start an anti jostling protest.

Friends of mine recently took part in a protest against the sale of hi tech weapons to Saudi who are using them to bomb the towns of Yemen. By all accounts it was grand day out with not jostle in sight.

Lord Egbut.

Gerald said...

Is joshling violence?

Noel said...

I guess not There were no arrests.

The Veteran said...

I have no problems with legitimate protest but trying to bar peoples access ain't legitimate while spitting on people is just plain disgusting. Yes, there were no arrests (the threshold for arrest is high as it should be) only the predictable bleat from a mother who took her two young children to the protest that the actions of the police in trying to maintain order were upsetting for the kids ... give me strength.

No doubt there will me more protests at the street march by sailors scheduled for this weekend ... protests about what?