Wednesday, November 16, 2016


With the images of destruction of the  coast road and rail from Oaro to the Ure river an interesting conundrum faces the minions we employ.

While nature has dumped millions of tonnes of rubble unceremoniously on the main North South infrastructure, with much of it already in the sea, there will be morons defying nature and insisting what remains be trucked away. 
Two questions; where to, and what additional costs.

Every second of every minute of every hour of every day 24/7, over a dozen rivers carry variable levels of rock, shingle, sand and silt to the sea along the East Coast in a geographical process uninterrupted for centuries and suddenly at great cost and considerable time delays, it must not be pushed over the side into a sea that will recover in short order but must be carted away.
It would be interesting to see a summary of the financial and time imposts such politically correct interference with nature cost in the fourteen months it took to clear one slip in the Manawhatu gorge.

With the construction of the road and rail links now so seriously broken how many tonnes of rubble was dumped unceremoniously into the Pacific Ocean.  Remembering that that rail link was only completed in my lifetime. We now have morons with no understanding of anything beyond " progress bad"  wanting all that deposited bit of nature diverted away from where it is headed in nature anyway.

With all East west links under constant threat from the long predicted rupture on the Alpine Fault, Haast, Arthur's and Lewis passes, and the now clearly demonstrated disruption now to be confronted, the early choice of Maori and the early European settlers up the Awatere and down the Acheron to Hanmer suddenly becomes a clear and practical solution. At least the planners of the fibre optic links saw the Molesworth  route as the best option.

Never mind there will be interminable meetings and it will take at least twice as long as necessary as the Ivory Tower  people's party make moronic pronouncements and muggins taxpayers will be forced to pay up without any consultation.

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Gerald said...

"muggins taxpayers will be forced to pay up without any consultation."

As Veteran will be quick to point out the Government of the day has a mandate with no need to consult.