Monday, November 21, 2016


So on this occasion I have a reasonable knowledge to be an armchair General from my history and current contacts.
My brother and family are within a 25 pounder shell range of the original epicenter decided before the extreme complexity of last Monday morning became apparent. I have a first cousin living in the Mt Lyford village, another cousin where the Wandle meets the Mason and other contacts throughout the region.
To a man and woman they are gobsmacked at some of the rubbish emanating from hivis clad, clipboard toting experts struggling to understand the stress imposed by their inane inappropriate rulings.

One small accomplishment from me this am was to get Spark to link little bro's cell to his landline as that line was responding to incoming with a completely normal ringtone and with so much else to be addressed just another avoidable stress.

Many from the Lyndon/Waiau community gathered last evening for drinks to celebrate fifty year resident Pete Harris's 70th. One recurring theme was the stream of strangers calling to homes with no interest beyond the state of the residence while farms, businesses and other issues of little moment apparently.
That said I am informed Fonterra have steped up big time and getting favourable ratings.

TLDR probably but I feel better for saying it even if I am the sole reader.

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Anonymous said...

definitely not the only reader.
Every where we look political correctness is killing the world .
Its what has enabled Trump.

In the good old days we just did what had to be done .