Tuesday, November 1, 2016


  • Has Crooked Hillary no sense of Huma?
  • Are Crooked Hillary's classified e-mails now being read in every brothel and bordello ever frequented by Weiner?
  • Why are so many Democrats and media people putting distance between themselves and Clinton?
  • Do Biden and Obama know there's more to come, only worse?
  • If Comey was the October Surprise, what will be the November Shock?
  • Will Bernie endorse Donald?
  • Will the New York Times unendorse Crooked Hillary?
  • Will Crooked Hillary accept the election result when she loses?
  • Why has no reporter asked her that question?
  • If she is charged and convicted, will the gummint freeze the assets of the Clinton Foundation?
  • Apart from both being gangsters, what do Hillary Clinton and Al Capone have in common?  Their Achilles heels.  His was tax, her's is Weiner.


Johno said...

I'm more interested in whether The Donald is in cahoots with Putin.

I expect my politicians to be lying conniving corrupt weasels. I do not expect them to be policy-free opportunist unpredictable reality TV stars.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Johno - it's Crooked Hillary who is in cahoots with Putin. She sold one quarter of Americas uranium reserves to Putin's mates for $200 mil.

Clinton makes Pig Iron Bob look like a pussy.

Johno said...

I wouldn't get too exercised about that, Adolf - if anything they ripped the Russians off given that there's a massive oversupply of uranium making it almost worthless as a commodity.


Uranium has been tanking spectacularly since 2007


And the USA isn't even a big player in Uranium production - at 9th. Russia is 5th.

And according to Marketwatch, Hillary didn't even have a veto power - she'd have to refer it to Potus to stop it.

She's still a conniving lying corrupt weasel, but at least she's predictable and therefore relatively less dangerous.

The Veteran said...

America is being made look stupid by all these shenanigans. The choice is between the predictably bad and the unpredictability bad. Just when in the history of western democracy has there ever been a situation where just a week out from the election a major candidate is the subject of a criminal investigation made worse by the fact that the agency doing the investigation (FBI) won't make public the details of the investigation and her possible involvement ... natural justice gone begging.

On one hand I should be happy but I'm not ... I have no respect for Clinton but, at the end of the day, America is the loser. At least Andrei will be happy.

Fairfacts Media said...

Oh come on Adolf, as this sweet lady says "Leave Hillary alone!"

Andrei said...

" I have no respect for Clinton but, at the end of the day, America is the loser. At least Andrei will be happy."

That's unfair Veteran

I want the USA to be restored, for American citizens to reclaim their republic

"People sense an ever-growing gap between their interests and the elite’s vision of the only correct course, a course the elite itself chooses. The result is that referendums and elections increasingly often create surprises for the authorities. People do not at all vote as the official and respectable media outlets advised them to, nor as the mainstream parties advised them to. Public movements that only recently were too far left or too far right are taking centre stage and pushing the political heavyweights aside.

At first, these inconvenient results were hastily declared anomaly or chance. But when they became more frequent, people started saying that society does not understand those at the summit of power and has not yet matured sufficiently to be able to assess the authorities’ labour for the public good. Or they sink into hysteria and declare it the result of foreign, usually Russian, propaganda.

Friends and colleagues, I would like to have such a propaganda machine here in Russia, but regrettably, this is not the case. We have not even global mass media outlets of the likes of CNN, BBC and others. We simply do not have this kind of capability yet.

As for the claim that the fringe and populists have defeated the sensible, sober and responsible minority – we are not talking about populists or anything like that but about ordinary people, ordinary citizens who are losing trust in the ruling class. That is the problem.

By the way, with the political agenda already eviscerated as it is, and with elections ceasing to be an instrument for change but consisting instead of nothing but scandals and digging up dirt – who gave someone a pinch, who sleeps with whom, if you’ll excuse me. This just goes beyond all boundaries. And honestly, a look at various candidates’ platforms gives the impression that they were made from the same mould – the difference is slight, if there is any.

It seems as if the elites do not see the deepening stratification in society and the erosion of the middle class, while at the same time, they implant ideological ideas that, in my opinion, are destructive to cultural and national identity. And in certain cases, in some countries they subvert national interests and renounce sovereignty in exchange for the favour of the suzerain.

This begs the question: who is actually the fringe? The expanding class of the supranational oligarchy and bureaucracy, which is in fact often not elected and not controlled by society, or the majority of citizens, who want simple and plain things – stability, free development of their countries, prospects for their lives and the lives of their children, preserving their cultural identity, and, finally, basic security for themselves and their loved ones."
– Vladimir Putin, October 27, 2016

Noel said...

Aw come on Veteran. Been on a boat with Americans for the last 14 days and the consensus appear to be that USA is a Republic not a democracy. This election been an example.

The Veteran said...

Gueez Noel ... that's a new one. Are you arguing that you cannot have a democracy in a Republic?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I pity you for being locked up for two weeks on a boat full of Democrats and other loons.

Noel said...

Gee Adolf why are you so quick with assumptions?
Appears to be an even split and a lot of unhappy undecided.
Told them how we got out of the destructive ideological swings and rounabouts of FFP power politics.
One asked if that was why NZ was fourth on the democracy index while they were twentieth?
I said it one of the measures.

David said...

Gueez Noel ... that's a new one. Are you arguing that you cannot have a democracy in a Republic?

Vet, Noel's experience is quite common. I know far too many Americans who insist the USA is NOT a Democracy, it is a Republic.

You can find one argument here.

Now you and I may know that not all democracies are republics and not all republics are democracies, but it is possible for a democratic republic to exist. Just don't tell the yanks.

David said...

And further to the above, this is from the Texas Education Code.

identify major intellectual, philosophical, political, and religious traditions that informed the American founding, including Judeo-Christian (especially biblical law), English common law and constitutionalism, Enlightenment, and republicanism, as they address issues of liberty, rights, and responsibilities of individuals;

Notice the absence of the word democracy?

The Veteran said...

David ... your 8.04 post is interesting. The argument cited would have that GB, NZL, Canada and Oz are Republics ... Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noel said...

Vet now you're getting silly. David was speaking to republics not constitutional monarchies.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... read and understand.