Sunday, November 27, 2016


While 30 Dairy farmers milk their cows twice everyday under very trying and stressful conditions and pour the thousands of dollars into their effluent ponds the people in charge of the only very slim possibility of getting that milk to a processing facility, highway seventy, decree the people at present working on opening that link "NEEDED A BLOODY DAY OFF" after less than a total of two weeks spasmodic involvement in work that could be taken over by other CBTH-VCMs at any time.

If loads of fuel classed as Dangerous Goods, can travel the road why not Tankers of milk, dairy lives matter, just not fashionable, eh.

That readers is why this country is a bloody economic miracle in spite of the beaurocracy not because of them.

I know instinctively that that announcement will be well received by Harry, Doug, James and all the other farmers pouring their hard earned income down a drain while Nero fiddles and today took the day off.


Coaster said...

I am pretty sure I heard a Fonterra guy telling Jaimie McKay on The Country that Fonterra is paying Kaikoura dairy farmers for their milk even if it can't be collected, so there's no financial loss for these guys.

And a Fonterra tanker is way bigger than the small units that the Army has been sending through the Inland Road.

Noel said...

Five days ago Fonterra were saying

"However there are 22 farms in the Kaikoura area that remain cut off from road access and still need to dispose of milk."
While it's incredibly disheartening for our farmers in Kaikoura to have to dispose of milk, those farmers and Fonterra are well insured so we don't have a situation where there will be financial stress from missed collections." he explained.

Gerald said...

22 dairy farmers and