Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Next Please!

Now that Pres Elect Trump has solved the problem of gotcha press conferences by posting what he wants to say directly on YouTube, he can start to figure out how to fix the farce of media organised and dominated presidential debates.

Yes, that's right.  Those debates where the media gave Clinton advance notice of the questions.  Those debates where the  media gave Clinton a free ride while asking tough questions only of Trump.  Those same media which secretly sent their political commentary to the Democratic Party for approval before publication. Those same media who, no matter what he stuffed up, never had a bad word to say about Obama.

Well, here are a couple of suggestions.

Maybe there could be two moderators, one from each party so they could ride shotgun on each other.

Maybe all the questions could be sent to the candidates in advance with no new questions permitted.

Maybe the media should be excluded from these debates with the events being run by the parties and recorded beforehand, then distributed to the media with a caveat that they must be broadcast in full, without any editing.

The media will squeal like stuck pigs but they have nobody to blame but themselves if they are completely shut out.

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gravedodger said...

The Don called a meeting of media heads and anchors and the scrambled along thinking he had suddenly discovered he needed them.

What they got was a very serious dressing down for their election efforts for camp Clinton.

Alas it was "off the record" and the dopey pricks immediately broke that convention and score another for possibly the most media savvy POTUS ever.

If I could I would now post the Kingston Trio "Where have all the flowers gone" substitute flowers for snowflakes, bloody global warming.