Sunday, November 6, 2016


National's Pre-Selection Committee met in 'papal conclave' yesterday where the issuing of white smoke was an indication that they had agreed on four candidates to go forward to the selection meeting to be held in a little under three weeks.   There the voting delegates, representing some 1,500 Party members, will make the final choice.     The candidates (in alphabetical order) are:

Darren Edwards, 45, Dargaville born, married and resident in Kerikeri.  Darren is Maori with tribal affiliations to ReRoroa, Ngati whatu and Ngapuhi.   He served 15 years in the Police reaching the rank of Sergeant, followed by 2 years with the Ministry of Fisheries as their Team Leader in Kaitaia and 9 years with the Ministry of Primary Industries as their Northland District Compliance Manager.   Currently he is employed by the Far North District Council as the Compliance Manager.   Darren is a graduate of the New Zealand Defence Force Command and Staff College and has a Masters of International Security from Massey University.   He is a member of the Northland Conservation Board, member of Kerikeri Rotary and is involved with the Diabetes NZ Northland Branch where his wife is the treasurer.

Ronald (Matt) King, 49, born and resident in Okaihau, married.   He initially qualified as a telecommunications technician but left soon after to join the Police where he later qualified as a Detective.   In 2007 he left the Police to work as a farmer/contractor and fraud investigator and later established a successful business - Mid North Honda.   He has his own farm at Okaihau.   Matt has a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Physiology, from Auckland University and a Diploma in Policing.   He is a Volunteer fire fighter with the Okaihau Fire Brigade, a senior rugby referee and a Board Member of Polocrosse New Zealand.

Dr Chris Reid, 48, born in the UK, married and resident in Russell.   Chris is a General Practitioner in Kerikeri.   He graduated MBBS from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne including an Elective in Trauma and Orthopedics at the University of Virginia.   He served 10 years with the Royal Marines including 2 years as the Senior Medical Officer to the Special Boats Service.    He is currently the Clinical Director at the Kerikeri Medical Centre, a member of the Health Advisory Group for Green Cross Health and a member of the National Advisory Council, Royal NZL Council of General Practitioners.   He enjoys spear fishing and photography and has published 'Patient - Portraits from a Doctors Surgery' ... with all royalties donated to St John Ambulance.

Ken Rintoul, 54, born and resident in Okaihau, married,    Ken has an extensive business and farming background given his involvement with Rintoul Civil Ltd (major contracting firm) and  Kauri Brae Farms Ltd (both family businesses).  He was involved with the Northland Transport Committee; Far North Holdings Ltd as a past director; interim Chairman, Northland College BOT August 2015-June 2016; a trustee with Top Energy Consumers Trust; Northern Rural Fire Board, Chairman; Northland Youth Development Trust, Chairman; Youth Development Trust, National Supporters Council, Northland Representative and a Member of Lions.  

Best of luck to all four as they set out to woo the voting delegates.   Democracy in action ... unlike Labour where their candidate selection is Head Office controlled with the local LEC in a minority when it comes to voting in their candidate.


Ursula said...

Impressive credentials for all of them.

Anonymous said...

Only one suitable candidate there veteran....Dr Reid. That on the basis of being he only one who has experience of the outside world and the knowledge that the NZ way is times not the best way.

Professional work experience in another country (not Aust) should be mandatory on every politicians CV, without it sometimes valuable time is spent reinventing the wheel or navel gazing.

Ex policemen and those who have spent their working life in an institutional environment are unsuited to represent a constituency. In fact every UK politician who has had a glowing army or police career has had a less than glowing career on the back benches.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut .... Dan Jarvis!!!!!!!??? I see him as a rising star in UK Labour.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Like Winston Churchill?

Anonymous said...

Lord Egbut

You contradict yourself stating Dr Reid is a the only suitable candidate then go on about being institutionalised.

Anonymous said...

Look at the last ex policeman for national...not again.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Look at the last policeman for Labour. And look and look and look.

A successful copper is much preferable to the like of the current crop of Labour drones. Nonentities whose names escape me.

Gerald said...

Does it matter who it is with all candidates supporting the TPP thing. Add to that the fact that "farming is big" in Northland it must be a given.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I wouldn't count to much on the cocky vote, if I were the Gnats. There are ten bludgers for every farmer and they all get one vote.

Anonymous said...

Stop talking rot Finklebaum. Churchill had a four year dalliance with the Military 1894-98 as all young men of means did at that time it was also the making of him and set the scene for his success as a Prime Minister. He re joined the colours in 1915 for one year before moving into politics.

There is a huge difference between spending a few years in the military and then expanding your career using your military experience as a springboard and spending your entire life as a uniformed drone without ever having to fend for yourself in the real world.

Lord Egbut

Coaster said...

Thanks for the valuable info Egbut.

I must remember that next time I am talking to any of my son's friends who have served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Timor and the Solomons with the NZ, Australian, US and UK forces.

I am sure they would love to be called "uniformed drones"

Anonymous said...

I tend to side with, God forbid, Egbut. I think people who have had the power of control by right or rank may not be the best leaders when they have to engage and seek support. I saw this first hand in insurance investigators where the ex copper would thump the table and accuse the innocent of fraud because they were oblivious to the fact that the suspects were in fact customers to whom you had to extend some measure of respect as opposed to criminal scum. Ministers of Religion can also fall into the same trap and in my (limited) experience soldiers wives are the most terrifying tyrants of all.

That said, Chris Reid looks interesting whereas I'd automatically exclude Darren Edwards for never having been outside the civil service.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Legbut, keep digging.

'.....spending your entire life as a uniformed drone without ever having to fend for yourself in the real world.'

Just like Eisenhower?

The Veteran said...

3:16 ... thank you for that comment. Not sure that Mrs Veteran could ever be described as a 'terrifying tyrant' but I've certainly met some service wives that wore their husbands rank on their sleeves and acted accordingly.

Anonymous said... what I said, then digest Dr Reids CV. If you still wish to take offence then be my guest.

Finklethingy...If pearl harbour had not happened Eisenhower would have retired as a Lt Col and the world would never have heard of him. He was elected to the presidency on the same basis as a celebrity not on his suitability.

Lord Egbut