Friday, November 18, 2016

Media Misbehaviour

Since the election of Donald Trump the US news media has descended into an orgy of anti-Trump stupidity, culminating in a story by AP claiming Trump was running away from reporters when he took his family out to a restaurant for dinner.  (Never mind that at the same restaurant was dining a reporter from another organization who wandered over and had a good chat with The Don.)

All of which leads me to suspect that the fools in the media are digging their own graves.  Did they not learn from the election campaign and result that Donald Trump no longer needs them?  I think their misbehaviour will not go unpunished.

I would not be the least bit surprised if president Trump does away completely with the traditional press conferences so beloved by Obama as he fed his favorite chooks.  Gone will be the broad 'media accreditation' privilege so long enjoyed and abused by the Democrats' various media outlets.

I reckon President Trump may well invite individual friendly journalists for wide ranging interviews.  I could foresee those being left out might include the NYT, LAT, WAPO, NPR, CNN, ABC, MNBC and one or two others.   Those enjoying the confidence of a new president might include WSJ, Fox and Breitbart.

In this way, all the media will still have access to the news.  The Clinton shills will no longer be able to control and create the narrative and will have to  take copy from other media. 

Well, that's what most of the media do anyway, just rerun stories written by someone else..


Anonymous said...

Only now is the satirical press realising that only a few years after overthrowing Saddam Hussain America is ruled by a bloke who lives in a golden tower with most of his family in the Government...strange old world.

Lord Egbut

Noel said...

Saddam Hussain
Nah don't remember US forces overthrowing anyone of that surname.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't understand your comment about Obama Egbut , but assumed you aimed it at Trump , and simply weren't aware he's not President till late January.

None of let alone many of his family are in Government .
Saying so is either incredible ignorance or outlandish lies.

What wouldn't be a lie was your no doubt favoured son JFK, who made his brother the Atorney General without any Government background.
Hell he even lacked a senior role in law .
And the worst of it Egbut was it was JFKs father who overruled the President elect in getting Bobby his position.

no doubt you'll dissemble over this but it must be true, even the democrats own NYT complained about it.
When your not on the sauce or your high horse you occasionally say something worth while .
But not today

Anonymous said...

Legbut, we have the training, we could overthrow the bloke in the golden tower and his kids.
What could go wrong?