Sunday, November 27, 2016


Over 150 delegates and observers attended the National Party Northland Electorate Candidate Selection Meeting yesterday where 47 YO Matt King, ex police detective, farmer and businessman from Okaihau  won the nomination on the first ballot defeating Dr Chris Reid and Ken Rintoul.

This selection meeting was a tad different given the number of new and young faces among the voting delegates.   It was a pleasure to meet up with some of them at the after-match function.   They included farmers, policemen, a prison officer, health professionals and educators.   The face of the National Party in Northland is changing led by their dynamic (and young) Electorate Chair, Rose Ellis. 

Matt is Northland through and through.   Family man; rugby representative player and current referee; volunteer fireman, Board member of NZ Polocrosse.    Yesterday he committed himself to an eleven month, full-time campaign, stating now ... small problem ... NZ First ... the whispers round the traps is that the current MP is wimping out.   At the time of the by-election he campaigned on the basis of 'give me a go' ... 'judge me on results' ... and, if I fail to achieve what I promised ... 'throw me out'.  

What are those results ... apart from establishing five electorate offices (nearly always closed and raiding his 'leaders' budget in order to do that) it's really a big fat zero.   His promises ... free ferry trips for the 65> ... fail; sort out the Mangawhai Sewage Scheme debacle ... fail.  Then there's his no show at events scheduled to attend and his continued thumbing of his nose at Northland by continuing to live in Auckland.

My prediction is that the carpetbagger par excellence will cut and run citing the need for him to campaign nationally.    Willow Jean Prime, the well regarded Labour candidate, hungry to be in Parliament, will be looking to pick up the 'grumpy' vote and, unlike last time, my prediction is that run an effective campaign given that her chances of making it on the List ain't great.   Add to that it's difficult to see the Greens not standing a candidate with one of their MPs resident in the electorate and the electoral dynamic changes.   Gonna be an interesting few months and, for Matt, the seat is for taking with nothing taken for-granted.


paul scott said...

I don’t know about the electorate vote, but obviously the leader’s presence throughout the regions will be necessary.
Immigration, Housing and Regional development are all set to give Nanny blue rinse a thrashing she deserves.
Strangely the constitutional outrage of shared Governance with an unelected few within the RMA and elsewhere has not yet reached significant public awareness yet.
But it will.
The 2017 election will be the Immigration and Democracy election where NZ First will take 15 to 17% of votes
NZ First members require that the non elected appointments to Council and the RMA separatism be removed. This will happen sooner or later.
Some of us think the Government’s shared Governance provisions are so unconstitutional that High Courts challenges are in order.
Government is in fact a traitor to democracy.
We expect to see John Key retire in mid 2018.
It is all on in the fight to return New Zealand to a democratic State, and we will do that..

Anonymous said...

Cull PS and his drivel veteran........

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Spoken like a true Soviet.

Nick K said...

I wondered if it was the same Matt King I knew from years ago, and his lovely wife Sarah. And it is. Great guy. And therefore a great choice. I hope he wins.

Blair said...

Why do National keep selecting cops north of the Harbour Bridge? None of them have ever amounted to anything. You'd think they would have learned by now.

Anonymous said...

Is that the noun or the adjective Finkmiester? If you weren't so pathetically contradictory in your views it would be fun taking the piss. One thing is for sure you don't work in St wouldn't make the grade.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

For Nick K ... the same. He and Sarah make a great team.

For Blair ... your prejudices are showing through and you're wrong ... Mark Mitchell, MP for Rodney, ex policeman and self made millionaire is tipped for promotion. Matt K spent a relatively short time with the police where he was fast tracked as a detective ... latterly he has made a name for himself in farming and business and conservation. At close to seven foot tall he has 'presence' and will dwarf his opponent whoever he/she is.

Nick K said...

I knew Sarah before I knew Matt. I worked with her in McDs as a fresh-faced 18 year old. She was a bond girl, as I liked to think of her. She'll hopefully get the joke, Vet.

The Veteran said...

Nick ... bond as in James?

Nick K said...

Yes. It's her maiden name.