Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Whaleoil face of the day is Chester Borrows MP, deputy speaker.

Yesterday District Court Judge, Jim Large ordered Mr Borrows to answer charges including careless use of a vehicle, declining to dismiss.

When a bunch of anti TPP protesters attempted to prevent MP Borrows, accompanied by Minister Bennett, from departing an event by rushing with their placards to block the vehicle.
One moronic female claimed the by then barely moving car had injured her foot as the car nudged through the hastily formed human barricade.
Understanding that the old adage, " the camera never lies"  is now irrelevant with the sophisticated editing now available, the accompanying video reveals only a Car slowing to a crawl and said moron reeling away in apparent pain and claiming her foot had been run over by a wheel.
If that video is an authentic reveal of events, that is total bollocks as had the car wheel pinned moron's foot she could not have escaped unless her foot left the shoe to be "run over", and that is not what was shown.

So has the learned judge been ignorant, incompetent, or is he a closet lefty with a bias against TPP, who has already taken his position.
Also why have the bunch of unwashed not been charged with wilful intent to prevent the lawful vehicle departure, are the two MPs not entitled under the law to proceed, it was not as if the protest were sought out, by Mr Borrows in his self drive clearly marked  car, the protest hastily moved to block him.
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Noel said...

Are you and the Judge on the same page?
You arguing only from Contravention of section 7 or section 22 involving injury.

Shelldrake said...

Nothing to be seen here. Move on. Waste of time (Police effort), emotional claptrap (protestors), Waste of space (Judge ). Waste of money. (Only to those of us who pay tax).