Monday, November 21, 2016


Kaikoura will possibly see hell freeze over while the learned elite debate options.
Why not get the military to build a runway C130 capable while morons with their political wheel barrows to hand make white noise and hardly a rock gets moved to reopen the links.
Just askin.


Johno said...

C130s don't even need a runway - they can land on beaches and paddocks if the runout is sufficient and not too bumpy.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Fully laden?

GD, you need to be careful mentioning C130s. Our resident 'experts on every little thing' will label you demented.

paul scott said...

I agree with you about hell freezing over while the elites waffle.
For five years on my return from Bangkok, I pick up a Press [ only once] which tells me
" Cathedral Square decisions will be made soon " and similar.

Then I drive down to the Avon river, knock over a couple of cones blocking, and the 'No entry unless authorised' sign , have lunch in peace and quiet with the ducks.
The Dalziel Council has helped traffic in Christchurch by erecting concrete blockades, no parking, trees planted in the streets, and knocking over some house for bicycle lanes.
Christchurch is shagged for another generation. Any one who doubts this,stay at my place for a few days and take the tour. It is very sad.

Johno said...

Hi Adolph,

If you find something in my comment erroneous in some way, please do go ahead and point out what exactly that was.

For your benefit, increasing weight increases landing/takeoff distance, but does not remove the ability of the aircraft to operate from unprepared surfaces.

They don't have to operate fully laden. Indeed the manufacturer publishes takeoff and landing distances for full payload and 50% payload. However operations at high density altitude and/or temperature typically mean inability to operate at MAUW even from prepared surfaces. That's the case of all fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

And to answer your question: no, as no aircraft lands fully laden due to the fact they burnt off fuel since takeoff, and in this case takeoffs from unprepared surfaces are after unloading cargo and would be planned to have minimum fuel reserves for the trip back.

Remember the Iran hostage crisis? One of the rescue plans involved landing a C130 on an Iranian soccer field! These incredible aircraft have made un-arrested landings and un-assisted takeoffs from an aircraft carrier!

I could go on, but shall not for fear of leaving you (any more) demented.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I'm not sure how my simple question "Fully laden?" could be taken to imply error on your part.

Thanks for your reply.

Johno said...

You're most welcome!

Pete said...

I agree with the post and I enjoyed the video clip. Practical solutions readily implemented are required.

Anonymous said...

Петух Scott.......Haven't you got the message yet you lowlife...just take google earth and fuckoff, find another site for your bullshit. It's THE Press not A Press.

It's Петух like you that are destroying the internet.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

They can't move the slip debris because they haven't found a place that the RMA will let them put it - its more than a wee gully full amount. Extending the beach as nature would have done is not an option because we must help nature as mother nature clearly doesn't care about seals, crayfish and paua. We are stuffed. In a sensible country there would be biggish bulldozers in there a week ago - not carting anything, just pushing stuff eastward. Bigger slips could be dynamited to make them less dangerous to play withh. We could have a new road well out from the cliffs. The rail can remain in situ and be roofed over. Lets book a meeting or something, where did I leave my clip board and sandals?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Legbut appears to have a colony of bull ants nesting up his arse.

Legbut, if you want to carry on like that, why don't YOU fuck off and start your own blog?

Afraid nobody will read it?

Anonymous said...

You still think PS is real............that just about sums it up. It's sad when you have to rely on Russians who are paid to write nonsense to fill your comments section.

As I am talking to him not you what is your problem?

Lord Egbut