Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I have an acquaintance who is tribal Labour ... probably has a picture of MJS on his wall somewhere ... union background, his niece is an aspiring Labour candidate, hits a mean golf ball, salt of the earth kind of guy, generous to a fault.   We have 'engaging' discussions.

Decided to rark him up the other day (he normally reciprocates in spades)  ... 'Not the best timing to announce a youth employment policy against a backdrop of a fall in unemployment to a new low of just 4.9%'.    His response ... 'Sonny (always calls me Sonny) you wouldn't say that if you were one of the 4.9% ' ... fair point I guess.    But then he opened up ... 'Just who were the dickwits in Labour who f****d up the figures and made Little look stupid' ... and 'Little understands Labour's values ... some of the pricks around him don't'.

This guy will never vote anything else but Labour.   I enjoy our discussions.   But this is the first time I've seen him angry.


Noel said...

Dont understand the reaction.
So if you are unemployed in Northland getting you off your arse to get some work experience is some how wrong?

Gerald said...

Twitters highest number of followers is the media.
If Twyford had not got into spat using Twitter it would have been a one second sound bite missed by most.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... it does help to get the sums right because, if you don't, you could be seen as being set up to fail and clearly, that was his point.

And the mixed messages continue ... not compulsory if you don't want it ... sigh.