Thursday, November 3, 2016

Labour Cries 'Sheep' Too Often

The Auditor General delivers a stern rebuke to Labour in her report on the Saudi sheep affair.

From today's Herald:-

"New Zealand has worked hard to have an ethical and transparent public sector.  Accusations of corruption and bribery should be of concern to us all. During my time as Auditor-General I have seen an increase in these accusations. None of my inquiries has upheld those accusations."

Of course, the real kicker is the fact that Labour caused the problem in the first place.

The problem was a disaffected Saudi businessman with a commercial grievance against New Zealand which was preventing a free trade deal with Saudi Arabia and other members of the Gulf Co-operation Council from going ahead

Labour was stung by the accusation that its officials had given some encouragement to the Saudi Sheik to continue to invest in New Zealand in the belief that its suspension of live sheep exports would be resumed.

The Auditor General's report contradicts the denials.  It says (Labour's) officials suggested that the export of sheep for slaughter would resume and the Sheik Hmood and New Zealand farmers continued to invest.
Labour's default position on all issues is to lie first and worry about it later.

Most of the media parade this report as a disaster for National when in fact it exonerates McCully of the accusations against him but pillories a dishonest and inept Labour Party.

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