Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Following the sept 2010 Darfield quake ex maths teacher Ken Ring who had and still has for sometime published a weather almanac, made waves by suggesting the moon that can raise the seas by meters wth its lunar gravity might have sufficient effect to possibly trigger earth quakes.

In 2011 Christchurch was struck by a shallow quake that caused some 180 deaths, just over two weeks later a Richter nine quake devastated Japan crippling a nuclear power plant.

Eight days ago at two minutes past midnight a complex quake left a trail of destruction from its original epicentre near Rotherham to Cooks straight wrecking the main trunk railway along with much of the scenic highway one.
Today guess what, another major quake occurred geographically near Fukishima now being measured at above Richter seven.

I understand Mr Ring has been unwell but his prediction of another SI Quake for September missed by weeks but it cannot be denied that in early November we had a "Super Moon"  with that body at an historical close proximity to earth.

Many scientists are very quick to dismiss Ken's theories as rubbish and that is ok with me,  what grates my gears though is many of the elites who treat Ring with contempt have many in their midst who hang their hats on a much bigger fraud in climate change that because it can be taxed creates a trough for them to fill their corpulent stomachs, while Ken makes do with crumbs from selling his almanacs.

Do not forget they rubbished scientific minds who discovered the Earth goes around the sun. That now well accepted fact was a direct threat to the church and guess what, whose  money tree was threatened, who controlled the money back then?


Anonymous said...

Argh Climate change.
Ive been involved in a climate change issue as an amateur.
Accordingly I sought advice and got on internet and contacted a scientist.
Within a day from that introduction I had 8 scientists with PHDs contact me .

The first who has consulted with numerous foreign governments said climate change was the biggest fraud in human history.
None denied it was happening just the supposed models and outcomes predicted and the totality of humans blame.

i have had the advice of many more since including a world leading climate modeller .
The one constant was none wanted their names mentioned publicly as their jobs and safety were at risk.
Exactly the same methods used against by the leftist elites against this poor ill informed people who voted for Trump ,Brexit and soon to be a lot of European Leaders.

the left created Trump and the backlash will extend worldwide and one day we will again call a spade a spade ,not describe it as a feminine object exploring its sexuality and its place in the world , while searching for safe places and gender neutral toilets

Paranormal said...

The thing is, you have to take this stuff with a large dollop of salt - not just Ken Ring, but all the scientists that purport to be experts. Very little is really known about earthquakes.

For example I have seen top individuals in the field arguing hammer & tong on one side that earthquakes create fault lines, whereas on the other arguing that fault lines cause earthquakes.

At this point I realised just how little they really know about this relatively new science.

Gerald said...


gravedodger said...

Afaik blouse, K R does not predict them or the weather, he works on likely hood and probability over time and I for one do not discount his theory that lunar gravity might coincide with quakes.
Now if instead of rubbishing him the well paid elites in met service and G N S might better serve their income providers by adding his linkage to the gravitational forces of planets and the moon to their unproven research based on seismic monitors and fault line drilling.

Of course there are plenty of morons who blame it on " fracking" and that only because it is another free hit on peak make that big oil.
Unfortunately when Pompeii was buried fracking was not yet in use but then it was merely the gods farting eh.

Noel said...

From memory the Government's appointed scientific adviser has come out questiong Rings "probabilities".

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

From memory the gummiint's scientific advisor has come from the beginning of time full on in favour of the now largely debunked climate hysteria.

gravedodger said...

Noel with respect Sir Peter Gluckman is a medicine man whose research is based on epigenetics and environmental biology, two subjects I am familiar with but his gong and bit of parchment would easily sway an itinerant to a position of support for someone with your monumental intellect.
At least Mr Ring has specialised in weather and the geophysical arena, so maybe try again.
Not that I am so arrogant as to discount Gluckmans opinion but I do wonder why I should be in awe of it.

Noel said...

I thought the role of Scientific Adviser was establish the consensus of scientists.
Doesn't matter what his scientific qualifications are, just his ability to understand the issue.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel, I think you are dreaming. Science is not about consensus. Consensus said the world was flat. Consensus said the sun orbits the earth. Remember?

Well of course you wouldn't. You're not that old. Are you?

Further, by your logic you would have a conscientious objector as a military advisor and a retired senior military officer represent us on the UN disarmament committee.

Noel said...

OK it's obvious the Rings "probabilities" show a considerable risk to New Zealand.
Also it's obvious that the SA isn't doing his job because he hasn't forwarded this information to the Prime Minister.

I sure hope Dogger is writing a long dissertation on this for the PM benefit.