Sunday, November 6, 2016


The Royal Morgan Poll out yesterday (the one all true believers of John Frum swear by) which had National up 8.5% to 48% and Labour down 7% to 26.5%.

There is a certain correlation between that result and the 55.5% who think the country is going in the right direction (up 3.5%) and the 29% who take the opposite view (down 6%).

I see that Nanaia Muhuta, senior Labour Maori MP, is to retire from politics.   She has close ties with the Kingitanga movement.   One can only speculate as to whether the statement by the Maori King that he would never vote Labour again played any part in her decision.   


Chaz said...

"the one all true believers of John Frum swear by"

Evidence for this silly claim? Thought not. A Trump-like approach to facts.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Go and look under your bed. Right alongside your potty you'll find your sense of humour.

The Veteran said...

C'mon Chaz ... I guess when you're faced by this sort of poll result the only thing left is to go feral. The Morgan Poll is often argued as the one to watch by those who frequent the suite of left leaning blogs. Go read.

My John Frum comment is directed at those 'no hopers' on the left who believe it is the roll of government to pander to their every need real or imagined.

Cedric said...

"Just What The Labour Conference Didn't [Need] Want"

What Labour needs is a major overhaul.
The Morgan Poll agrees with that.
Tainui agree with that.
Is Jacinda Ardern really the future of the Labour Party?
Or Grant Robertson?
Nanaia Mahuta now isn't. (never was)
Perhaps those at the Conference can take note of the Morgan Poll and do some soul searching.
See themselves as others see them. (Chris Trotter does.)
If the Morgan Poll doesn't tell them something, nothing will.

Chaz said...

"The Morgan Poll is often argued as the one to watch by those who frequent the suite of left leaning blogs. Go read."
Nah, gotta link? Thought not. A lotta people are sayin' you're mentaly deranged, a lotta people, believe me.....

pdm said...

Chaz - you are on dangerous ground insulting your host.

The Veteran said...

Chaz ... you are on very, very, thin ice. Do your own trolling of comments but they're there ... give you a clue. Look at the September Morgan Poll which had National down 4.5% and Labour up 8%. Ok, I'll put you down as arguing all Morgan Polls are crap ... clearly you do crap.

Fairfacts Media said...

John Key has been skiting his economic achievements on UK websites , such as sending his tweets to Conservative Home.
But for ex-pats a strong Kiwi economy is the last thing we need.
First we have the rampant house prices and I read last week where even Mt Roskill is ridiculously expensive.
Then, we have the exchange rate to consider.
I returned back to the UK 3 years ago for family reasons, to see mum and dad while they are still around.
But the trouble is, taking it all into account, when they do kick the bucket and leave a tidy sum,I might not be looking for a pretty good Waikato lifestyle block as previously expected , but something wholly less desirable.
So kiwis, please elect a government that will trash your dollar as well as your property prices so I can get something decent on my return.

Johno said...

I see Twatf... I mean Twyford tweeted this yesterday:

"We'll begin comprehensive tax reform in our first term"

What "Comprehensive tax reform" is this? Did Twatf... I mean Twyford just let slip a secret agenda?