Saturday, November 26, 2016


 Just some of the descriptions I have heard while talking to some of the people in the centre of the quake zone when talking about the army of clip board toting, hi-viz clad, suddenly elevated to central roles, being encountered.

Mostly asking questions that a casual observer might ascertain from simple silent study using common sense and a bit of circumspection based analysis.
"Are you all right" being one very common yet rather annoying when someone standing in a doorway unharmed in body yet suffering possibly impossible to put into words feelings of what is coming next finds yet another stranger making inane inquiries
You can't go there, another mindless order that seems incomprehensible to someone who might have just emerged from the disaster zone.

Take the eighty something year old pensioner who had forgotten meds for himself and his partner when obeying the order to evacuate due to a tsunami that was running two hours behind schedule. That poor old man ended with a broken finger, bruising and time in a cell when the facts might be a life was already in danger from affliction the meds were prescribed for. Someone dear to me needs seventeen pills everyday, plus another seven meds as backup for side effects that something such as stress can precipitate. While I have three prescribed daily meds to maintain stasis and another three that can be required. So yes while we have a bag as a constant for first aid, it's of little use if forgotten but needed, hell yes.

Then there was a mate, we shall call Harry, he left his property for a short trip for some reason only to be told by a CBTH-VCM ( clipboardtotinghigh-viscladmoron) he could not return to his home, family, farm, livestock or dogs. Now Harry is rather a compulsive just do it sort of guy and better equipped that the afformentioned OAP and Harry did not have the constabulary involved so he is possibly now an offender at large for ignoring the turtle.  He had only been away for a short time but it was sufficient for the CBTH-VCM  to establish the roadblock.

Many if not most of those who live in the devastated area have dealt with smaller but just as confrontating hurdles in their daily life on the land, floods, fire, landslides, rockfalls, animal threats, fallen trees, breakdowns, bolting horses, injuries, and many other challenges a CBTH-VCM could not imagine, so officialdom in sudden elevation to authority can be a tad annoying and rather comical if a sense of humour is still involved. In an age when regulation, rules and direction from persons with little or zero understanding of what is at issue begin to attempt to rule over others who have suddenly been placed under powers never agreed to, things can go south very quickly.

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