Thursday, November 10, 2016

Exploding Heads

All over the US, Australia and NZ.

Bang!     Splat!     Boof!     Boom!

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Lefties, that is.   What fun it has been to read this morning's opinion pieces

So, amidst the celebrations of the right and the recriminations of the left, who were the biggest losers yesterday?

Putting aside the obvious, I'd suggest the biggest losers were:- 
  • the snot nosed poo bahs of the Republican Party who refused to support their own party's duly elected candidate;
  • The Black Lives Matter movement;
  • The politically correct fools who infest and run most American universities;
  • George Soros;
  • the belligerent nations of the world who thought Hillary would continue Obama'a balmy foreign policy  of giving them everything they want.
Of course the obvious big losers were:-
  • Crooked Hillary herself;
  • the fools (including Australia) who paid millions to buy policy indulgences from the next US president;
  • the appalling 'in the tank' US news media;
  • Nate Silver;
  • the Democratic Party.
As an aside, commentators are listing as reasons for Trump's win such things as people's anger at Clinton's past and anticipated behaviour, a protest against government 'elites,' or protest against corrupt media,  or protest against too much government intrusion but nowhere have I seen reference to Trump's ability to call out the politically incorrect. 

Trump said everything middle America wanted to say but was afraid to say.


Paranormal said...

The real issue why any Democrat candidate was going to struggle this election doesn't seem to have been mentioned.

Struggling Americans, particularly those in the rust belt states, have had 8 years of 'Hope & Change' without actually seeing any of either. To think they would look forward to another four years of 'Hope & Change' was incredibly over optimistic.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, you're right.

Alan Hancox said...

Hallelujah' ding dong the witch is dead, well almost by the look of her. I predicted a Trump victory Months ago on this blog , taking issue with the veteran saying Trump will never be President.

paul scott said...

I showed my brother [ Medical ] various videos of the Witch.
He thought Dementia was apparent rather than Parkinson's bout possibly both.
Its also possible we dodged WW3.