Monday, November 28, 2016


A visiting academic, Guy McPherson is here in New Zealand with the news that humans will not exist in a decade.

The world will be ruled by microbes and fungus.

Now we all know the Greens and Labour will be in powere in a decade, only thing he didn't say was if Little Andrew will be Prime Minister


Deb @ India pied-a-terre said...
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Anonymous said...

Christ on a Segway......everybody rush to Adsense to make money. Reverse Philology on steroids.

Capitalist trolls, communist trolls, fascist trolls, trolls that have no idea what they are talking about...........lets go back to reading books, that worked.

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

It was very clever - I was almost tempted not to deleted it, but if I leave it lying about it encourages Blogger to let other spam through.

paul scott said...

I am not so sure about education at all.
Its Institutions and the activity and learning are decaying and rotting..
"Educare" means to lead and the progressive fascists have managed that well within the University system. .
Instead of producing enquiring minds with intellectual humility, we now turn out stamped formalised know all social slaves.
You trust what your journalist writes after her three week training course. Right ?
You trust a lawyer the same was as your grandfather did. Best not.
Do you trust anyone with a social science degree. Not.
I can give you plenty of evidence to caution you on Medical doctors, where they increasingly act in their own and the so called public interest.

Brexit and Trump showed us clearly the advanced intelligence that the 'educated' or
led zombies bring to our evolving civilisation.
They are in fact the main ingredient of the swamp.

Send your son into the world with a free mind. An apprenticeship in plumbing and keep him well clear from the safe but sick spaces of the zombie university.