Sunday, November 27, 2016


When Baroness Thatcher died many lefty scum celebrated by dancing in an orgy of celebration that was embarrassing in its inappropriateness.

Now as the world takes stock of another world leader on the occasion of his passing, Fidel Castro is being lauded as a great leader of the Island Nation of Cuba.

For an unbiased commentary one needs to go to the Wall Street Journal such is the depraved uttering of most of the Media.

Margaret Thatcher, daughter of a grocer rose in the ranks of the British Conservative Party to become its leader replacing a man who was in the wrong party,Ted Heath.
Thatcher then defeated Jim Callaghan the then UK Labour Supremo decisively in a General Election widely regarded as a world leader in terms of democracy, in 1979, nobody died. " The Iron Lady", first woman Prime Minister, and longest serving modern British Political leader, ended her reign in 1990 defeated by John Major and again no one died.

The poster boy of the mindless left came to power in a bloody overthrow of another dictator Batista, then launched, with his little Brother Raol and an even more murderous political operative now pictured on TShirts of people with zero knowledge of the truth, Che Geuvara.
These three set about murdering thousands of actual and imagined opponents and forcing over half a million Cubans to flee to Florida and freedom one hundred and fifty miles across dangerous seas. Not content with that danger causing multiple deaths, the now communist leaders chose to kill many of those fleeing even to running their flimsy boats down and leaving the shipwrecked to drown and or be eaten by sharks.

Maybe Cubans have free education and medical service otherwise paid for by someone else, but as with so many ultra socialist states a mayhem of killing has produced little real advance in the quality of life for all.

The biggy failure with Castro with his somewhat junior role as a killer of threats actual and perceived when compared to Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and all the other murderous dictators was his refusal to test his acclaimed popularity by giving his people  a free vote on his position of power, he just did not trust them, I wonder why.


Paulus said...

I wonder why I read that there are huge former Cubans, dancing in the streets of Miami, at the death of the tyrant Fidel - he is/was also a very rich man as has been testified.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Real big bastards, are they. Paulus?

Sorry, just couldn't resist.

gravedodger said...

The guy with the shovel pictured somewhere in the media offering to dig the hole was rather large.

Anonymous said...

This is the bloke Castro took control from.

I would not shout to loudly about Thatcher either.....she was friends with, and protected, Pinochet who made Castro look like a care worker.

All the political uncertainty around these Sth American countries stems from fifty years of destabilisation from the US in order to control fruit and labour markets. The thousands of Cubans who fled at the time were those who would have been shot or jailed for working with Batista and the Miami mafia or police, secret and otherwise. In todays world some would be facing torture or murder charges.

Castro had nothing to do with us and we know very little about life under his rule so I will take Obama's advice and let history judge him and see how much genuine mourning there is on the island.......and before you are overcome with your own verbosity read up on the Bay of Pigs.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

A must read before any comments

At the risk of being thought "Lefty scum" I would have thought that the anyone like the US who supported a lot worse dictatorships with less to show for it must be called "Righty scum".

Lord Egbut Nobacon.


It seems that in leftist eyes, if you create a health service, you have license to kill gays and political opponents.
Even I wouldn't accuse that as being the purpose of Obamacare from our departing failed president.

Anonymous said...

Well said and quite right Fairfacts......the Russians are knocking off opposition leaders, journalists, prominent gay and church activists, not to mention giving the Jews a hard time. The Russian version of strictly come dancing last night featured one of Putins mates dancing in a Concentration camp uniform ie. black and white stripes with the round hat.........real class. How the hell can a country go from communist to fascist in twenty years?

Lord Egbut

Noel said...

Dulles told Eisenhower not to rebuff Castro.
There was an opportunity to influence Castro and the outcome may have been entirely different.

gravedodger said...

Meanwhile the luvvies embrace the corpse of a ruthless dictator who slaughterd thousands yet when Baroness Thatcher died after winning three elections they indulged in an orgy of disgusting tomb dancing.
In over five decades of killing, Castro never had the balls to hold even the communist version of an election with one candidate.
That is an example of the socialist view of democracy in spades.

Margaret Thatchers big crime against Humanity was to toss a Arfer Scargill and his economic terrorists onto the scrap heap of history.
If the greatest charge to be laid is her degree of support for Pinochet then the intellectual weaponry is somewhat short on firepower.

Psycho Milt said...

If the greatest charge to be laid is her degree of support for Pinochet...

Pinochet bollocks. The reason we were all chuffed to see Thatcher go was her destruction of English society and open warfare against the lower classes. If I were superstitious enough to believe in an afterlife, the thought of what awaited her in Hell would be very comforting - as it was, we had to endure sycophants spouting gibberish about iron ladies while giving her a state funeral. I expect her tombstone often smells strongly of piss.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt. You protest too much.

Those 'lower classes' about whom you wax eloquent seem to have done quite well since Thatcher rescued them from the baleful labour unions and their political tools/fools.

Anyway, I thought all self respecting lefties eschewed terms like 'lower classes' these days? So world war one, you know.

Anonymous said...

They are ever so grateful being rescued from well paid jobs that engendered self respect and put on zero hours contracts in a call centre....If only someone would rescue Finkmeister and GD who, once past the 12 mile limit, devolve into gibbering ranters with zero knowledge of the world beyond.

Lord Egbut

Noel said...

A part of Dogger and Adolfs problem is their dated ideology. Whist many on the right have moved from the bash beneficaries and Unions are all bad philosophy they remain in a time warp.

I wonder if the Government, pro business,is going to put that aside and ensure the Pumpkin Patch redundancy fiasco is never repeated?

Could be an election issue as enployees realise their good faith bargaining can be trod on so easily.

Psycho Milt said...

...I thought all self respecting lefties eschewed terms like 'lower classes' these days?

The ones who prefer to deal in euphemisms, maybe. There's a lot of them about, but I'm not one of them.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Ask the cleaners in Australia who saw $400 mil of their wages stolen by a corrupt union. If there is any dated ideology around here is is that of the political neanderthals who continue to live in the 1920s.

Noel said...

Well you are really showing your time warp. Australian Unions are not an example of all unions.
In New Zealand it has been a relatively benign union/employer relationship for the last 15 years. No one strikes any more because its whitebait or duck hunting season, and many employees have accepted the removal of past won awards to keep in employment .

What's required to prevent a repeat of Pumpkin Patch is legislation to ensure transparency of corporate structure during the good faith bargaining negotiations.

Whether the current Government will put aside is pro business stance and recognise what occurred showed no good faith on the part of the employer and could be a mechanism for others remains to be seen.

Gerald said...

I am guessing the people affected also includes those on individual contracts.
Makes it more than a union matter. Those in the union relying on their past contributions and those not seeking a good industrial relations lawyer.

Observing Adolf said...

Noel, Adolf is a devotee of Whale Oil
Whenever there is a Royal Commission on Corruption in Unions across the ditch Whale Oil is quick to call for a lawyer bloated inquiry here.

Irony is that NZ union members would be the first to shout out if there was a manipulation of the books at the AGM.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hey idiot! All the manipulation of the books is done before the AGM. I didn't hear much shouting from the Auckland wharfies.

Oh and don't bother about submitting audited accounts. Unions are exempt from such inconvenience, aren't they?

Observing Adolt said...

Ah so yoy and Whale Oil do have evidence NZ Unions are corrupt.
No need to.convene an expensive whitch hunt like they they do across the ditch.
Just take you concerns to Mr Plod down the road.