Saturday, November 19, 2016


Whatever happened to number eight wire philosophy that made this country.

Many in the devastated quake zone are very short of potable water.
My closest contacts have had inches of rain since Sunday nights event.

 Laundered bedsheets attached to four poles with a clean container under the centre will gather gallons of water eminently suitable for diluting spirits, from an inch of rain.
We live on rainwater and have done so for all but two and a half years of our over fifty years married.
Our current roof is the most secure from animal faeces yet and birds are a calculated acceptable risk.

They must have missed the memo that Someone Else has died.

"  The district recently mourned the passing of a long time resident, mentor and inspirational leader in Someone Else who slipped from this mortal coil leaving a community in shock.
Someone, often known colloquially as Him or He,  died in his sleep and the almost mythical person who increasing numbers of people who should have known better of his value, was only missed for his ever present quiet achievemendts when he did not turn out for every little task and they were left unattended with consequences.  "

Welfare mentality is convicted and awaiting sentence in the District Court on charges of derilection of personal responsibility. When asked for a comment Chief Justice Dame Ellias was unable to be reached as she was at her country estate near Lake Sumner southwest of the quake epicentre and her safety could not be breached
Meanwhile the Marlborough Unitory Authority is not responding to questions around the unconsented construction of dams on the Clarence, Hapuka and other waterways within its jurisdiction by someone else variously called God, Nature, Gological Disaster, all suspects in many recent occurrences detected in contravention of current environmental laws.


pdm said...

When I was a youngster growing up in rural Central Hawkes Bay we used to put pots, basins and buckets on the lawn to catch rain water.

Anonymous said...

Kiwi can do was outlawed by Kiwi can't do types who were envious that they couldn't and were voted into positions where they could create a level playing field of can't do. Lowest common denominator and all that.


pdm said...

3.16 - so true.