Tuesday, November 15, 2016


more dog-whistling.    I listened to the OAP from St Marys Bay in the House a few minutes ago indulge yet again in his version of dog-whistle politics with his call for the government to introduce special legislation providing for an enhanced level of sentencing for those convicted of looting ... inspired no doubt by the break-in to a family home after the residents had evacuated to higher ground following yesterday's tsunami warning alert.

We can all empathize with the people who came home to find it ransacked ... we have ... to the tune of $35k and growing from the fund set up to support the family.   That is NZL at its best ...  while the perpetrators are scum who will be held to account for their action.

But this is not the time to make such a call acknowledging too that s231 of the Crimes Act provides for a term of imprisonment for up to ten years for burglary ...  the judiciary has the tools, they should use them.  The government has more important things to do in helping devastated communities work through the disaster ... that is where attention should be and is being focused.

For the pinstriped dwarf headline seeking is more important.    Figures.

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