Friday, November 18, 2016


It's never a good idea to parade your ignorance for all to see.    

In his quest to appear relevant Mr Mark has called upon the government to direct the police to remove freeloaders, so called, from Kaikoura.   After visiting the town he said that tourists remaining in the town were free loading on the generosity of New Zealanders and should be removed.   

I have no way of knowing whether or not his claim is true but clearly Mark is unaware of the powers delegated under the Civil Defense Emergency Management Act 2002 consequential on the declaration of a State of Civil Defense Emergency which came in to force on the afternoon of 15 November.    In short, the Act provides for the Controller to do whatever he/she thinks needs to be done while the state of emergency remains in force.   If freeloading tourists are an issue then they can be evacuated with the Controller making the call ... not some second rate politician from Wellington looking for a headline.

I guess in Mr Mark's case ignorance is bliss.


Gerald said...

"We were advised there is some frustration with non-locals and non-emergency helpers who have decided to stay in the town and are accepting the tremendous generosity of locals," he said.

Made up or a factual basis?

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... may or may not be true. That is not the point which you (and he) have missed (or choose to miss) completely.

The declaration gives the Controller the power he/she needs to deal with the situation if indeed there is a problem to be addressed.

Does not required government intervention or direction ... NZ First is of course well wedded to government invention having supped long and hard from the Muldoon cup and Mark remains a cardboard cutout wannabee looking for a headline.

Noel said...

Gerald may have some factual basis.

A Kaikoura motel owner said he had to kick two tourists out for overstaying their welcome and exacerbating the stressful situation, following Monday's quake.

The man said they just wanted a "cheap holiday" and were adding to the already stressful situation by not helping out.

The Veteran said...

Again Noel ... like Gerald, you miss the point ... entirely. The Kaikoura area is under a state of Civil Defence Emergency. It doesn't need the intervention by Government to kick them out ... the Controller has that power and all the Motel owner needs to do is to make the position known to him/her and direct, not through the media.

Not sure why you endorse political invention overriding legislation by a headline grabbing wannabee.

Noel said...

Ahhh no Gerald asked if there was a factual basis to which I provided a media statement.
Nothing in that suggesting I was endorsing anything.

Anonymous said...

Let the boy be Veteran. What he lacks in common sense he makes up in entertainment value.

Lord Egbut