Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Good Start

I reckon Pres-elect Trump is off to a pretty good start.  He has:-

  • been in touch by phone with the presidents of China and Russia and the British PM;
  • advised the imminent deportation of illegal immigrants guilty of serious criminal offending - up to two million of them, apparently;
  • announced the immediate suspension of all federal funding (subsidies) for green energy boondoggles and for climate change 'research' and gabfests.
  • appointed two eminently capable people as Chief of Staff and Special advisor.  Priebus and Bannon - they must be good - the left is spewing.


paul scott said...


Anonymous said...

Sound bite, he just can't help it. Before anyone is removed there is due process to be worked through. It doesn't matter if they are illegal or have a criminal record. What is criminal record? In some states several types of a moving traffic violation carry a criminal conviction. NO ONE is removed from the United States without the due process of the law which is done by a case by case basis and can take several months and not all are successful.

Number of deportations under the Obama administration to date....Two and a half million.

Lord Egbut Nobacon