Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Gathering of Loons

Last week NZ Labour had a conference at which a new policy was announced, to be greeted by universal derision and ridicule from a historically compliant media.  When you've lost Clare, Andrea and Vernon, you are well and truly buggered.

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The policy was "Work For The Dole."  Did they steal it from ACT?  Had National announced such a policy, Labour, the Greens and their former media friends would have been screaming blue murder.

So, what of the much vaunted MOU and it's 'no surprises' agreement?  It is reported the Greens were blindsided by the announcement.  I expect Material Turei secretly is delighted that Labour has driven out it's last tranche of glued on voters - the dole bludgers bloc- into the arms of the Greens.

(With apologies to Vet and GD)  Expect the next Royal Moron poll to have Labour down fiver points and Greens up three points with National sailing along at close to 50%, looking at an ascendant Maori Party as Tuku takes his utu on the hapless and incompetent Andrew Little.

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