Wednesday, November 30, 2016

And He Hasn't Been Sworn In Yet

Already two major US employers have cancelled plans to export American jobs offshore.

Obviously thy have more brains than the Democrats and know how to read an election result.

Ford and Carrier have announced that plans to shift production to Mexico have been shelved.  So already Trump has saved over 5,000 jobs for his constituents in the rust belt.  Trump has done more for working Americans in three weeks than the fool Obama did in eight years.

And they said this fellow was unpresidential?

How To Tell The Difference......

.........between the genuine and the fake.  The diamond and the paste.

Here's a little test for you.  Both of these fellows are MPs, one in NZ and one in Australia.

Both have served in their respective countries' armed forces.

Both have achieved the rank of army captain..

One claims to have belonged to the SAS.   One served with the SAS, with distinction.

One engages in childish and vulgar behaviour in the house.  One delivers excellent speeches.

One is seen by a number of experienced commentators as a future prime minister.  One is destined for the parliamentary scrap heap.

I give you The Honorable Captain Andrew Hastie (retired) Member for Canning in the Australian House of Representatives

Image result for andrew hastie sas

and the Dishonorable Captain Ron Mark, (retired) list member of the NZ House of Reprehensibles.

Image result for ron mark mp



My last ten days were pretty full-on on in Dunedin and Wellington so when I flew back home on Monday night I decided to transition myself into a couch potato yesterday and watch what I hoped would be an absorbing days cricket.

Half way through the second session with NZL failing to make any inroads at all on a fairly benign pitch and a draw looming I called it quits and headed outside ... returning at 5.25 and turned on the sports channel only to give myself a swift uppercut having missed most of the action.   10 wickets for 99 runs.    Great result ... well done the Black Caps.

Cricket, that great French gift to the world (along with 'conyuck' the Can-Can and garlic).

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


to label the challenges to his wins in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania being orchestrated by Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, a scam designed to enrich the coffers of her Party.

Lets ignore the fact that Stein only managed to rack up 1% of the vote.   Lets ignore the fact that the Greens didn't make the ballot in all fifty States.   She's acting as a surrogate for the effete liberal left who are refusing to concede their girl lost while ignoring the fact that Clinton conceded the election on the night.    The fact that the Clinton campaign has now moved to back the challenges (despite having conceded there is very little chance of success) reinforces the old adage of  'show me a poor loser and I'll show you a loser'.

Contrast that with the way Nixon conducted himself following his defeat by Kennedy in the 1960 campaign.   Kennedy won Illinois by less than 9,000 votes out of 4.75m cast with the Democratic Party political machine holding back release of the vote in Cook County until the result in the rest of the State became clear (Nixon won 92 out of that State's 101 counties) and with Mayor Daley urging his people 'to vote early and vote often'. 

Same in Texas where Nixon lost by 46,000 votes despite numerous cases of voter fraud being uncovered ... an example of that was Fannin County which had only 4,895 registered voters yet 6,138 votes were cast with three quarters of those going for Kennedy.

If Nixon has won Illinois and Texas he would have won the Presidency yet he refused to challenge the result stating that were he to do so he would risk initiating a constitutional crisis ... say what you like about Nixon but he got this one right. 

Clearly Clinton's no Nixon and Stein something less.

Updated ... Stein missed the deadline for filing in Pennsylvania; in Wisconsin her request for officials to do a hand recount was denied ... she has now filed suit against this while Michigan has now been officially declared for Trump who won the State by over 10,000 votes.

This whole exercise by losers losers is going nowhere.


Emotional Wallaby coach Michael Chieka fresh from seeing his 2016 Wallaby  Grand Slam evaporate in Dublin when a very good Ireland team gave a repeat dose to Southern Hemisphere rugby, has now lashed out at the abrasive England Coach Eddie Jones.

Eddie just loves stirring and Mad Mike is too thick to see what really matters in the lead up to the final game of the international window and too thin skinned it seems.

Meanwhile the Saffas are in disarray, having slipped to fifth behind Wales and now find the once number one team in the world struggling for identity amongst possibly the most ardent and feral fans in world rugby.
With politicians demanding damaging quotas in selection and administration, the once most feared opposition for the ABs are sliding into an abyss. With a meagre four wins in twelve matches, even the most fervent fans are said to be struggling to identify  some of the current Springboks.


Mrs Soper, itinerant firearms Law breaker, prime TV hostess, Radio weekender, man missing last night on TV3 flagship seven PM slot

Was it Bazza making demands on his child bride, apparently not, she disclosed to the Horrid she was exhausted from her 'punishing schedule'.

Now Heather will have time for some R&R.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Great One Liners

Adolf has always been a fan of one liners.

Here's a Churchillian gem from Bette Midler:-

"If Kim Kardashian wants to show off parts of her body we've not yet seen, she'll have to swallow the camera."

Let's hear from you folks.  What have you got to beat that?


A visiting academic, Guy McPherson is here in New Zealand with the news that humans will not exist in a decade.

The world will be ruled by microbes and fungus.

Now we all know the Greens and Labour will be in powere in a decade, only thing he didn't say was if Little Andrew will be Prime Minister

Sunday, November 27, 2016


While 30 Dairy farmers milk their cows twice everyday under very trying and stressful conditions and pour the thousands of dollars into their effluent ponds the people in charge of the only very slim possibility of getting that milk to a processing facility, highway seventy, decree the people at present working on opening that link "NEEDED A BLOODY DAY OFF" after less than a total of two weeks spasmodic involvement in work that could be taken over by other CBTH-VCMs at any time.

If loads of fuel classed as Dangerous Goods, can travel the road why not Tankers of milk, dairy lives matter, just not fashionable, eh.

That readers is why this country is a bloody economic miracle in spite of the beaurocracy not because of them.

I know instinctively that that announcement will be well received by Harry, Doug, James and all the other farmers pouring their hard earned income down a drain while Nero fiddles and today took the day off.


When Baroness Thatcher died many lefty scum celebrated by dancing in an orgy of celebration that was embarrassing in its inappropriateness.

Now as the world takes stock of another world leader on the occasion of his passing, Fidel Castro is being lauded as a great leader of the Island Nation of Cuba.

For an unbiased commentary one needs to go to the Wall Street Journal such is the depraved uttering of most of the Media.

Margaret Thatcher, daughter of a grocer rose in the ranks of the British Conservative Party to become its leader replacing a man who was in the wrong party,Ted Heath.
Thatcher then defeated Jim Callaghan the then UK Labour Supremo decisively in a General Election widely regarded as a world leader in terms of democracy, in 1979, nobody died. " The Iron Lady", first woman Prime Minister, and longest serving modern British Political leader, ended her reign in 1990 defeated by John Major and again no one died.

The poster boy of the mindless left came to power in a bloody overthrow of another dictator Batista, then launched, with his little Brother Raol and an even more murderous political operative now pictured on TShirts of people with zero knowledge of the truth, Che Geuvara.
These three set about murdering thousands of actual and imagined opponents and forcing over half a million Cubans to flee to Florida and freedom one hundred and fifty miles across dangerous seas. Not content with that danger causing multiple deaths, the now communist leaders chose to kill many of those fleeing even to running their flimsy boats down and leaving the shipwrecked to drown and or be eaten by sharks.

Maybe Cubans have free education and medical service otherwise paid for by someone else, but as with so many ultra socialist states a mayhem of killing has produced little real advance in the quality of life for all.

The biggy failure with Castro with his somewhat junior role as a killer of threats actual and perceived when compared to Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and all the other murderous dictators was his refusal to test his acclaimed popularity by giving his people  a free vote on his position of power, he just did not trust them, I wonder why.


Over 150 delegates and observers attended the National Party Northland Electorate Candidate Selection Meeting yesterday where 47 YO Matt King, ex police detective, farmer and businessman from Okaihau  won the nomination on the first ballot defeating Dr Chris Reid and Ken Rintoul.

This selection meeting was a tad different given the number of new and young faces among the voting delegates.   It was a pleasure to meet up with some of them at the after-match function.   They included farmers, policemen, a prison officer, health professionals and educators.   The face of the National Party in Northland is changing led by their dynamic (and young) Electorate Chair, Rose Ellis. 

Matt is Northland through and through.   Family man; rugby representative player and current referee; volunteer fireman, Board member of NZ Polocrosse.    Yesterday he committed himself to an eleven month, full-time campaign, stating now ... small problem ... NZ First ... the whispers round the traps is that the current MP is wimping out.   At the time of the by-election he campaigned on the basis of 'give me a go' ... 'judge me on results' ... and, if I fail to achieve what I promised ... 'throw me out'.  

What are those results ... apart from establishing five electorate offices (nearly always closed and raiding his 'leaders' budget in order to do that) it's really a big fat zero.   His promises ... free ferry trips for the 65> ... fail; sort out the Mangawhai Sewage Scheme debacle ... fail.  Then there's his no show at events scheduled to attend and his continued thumbing of his nose at Northland by continuing to live in Auckland.

My prediction is that the carpetbagger par excellence will cut and run citing the need for him to campaign nationally.    Willow Jean Prime, the well regarded Labour candidate, hungry to be in Parliament, will be looking to pick up the 'grumpy' vote and, unlike last time, my prediction is that run an effective campaign given that her chances of making it on the List ain't great.   Add to that it's difficult to see the Greens not standing a candidate with one of their MPs resident in the electorate and the electoral dynamic changes.   Gonna be an interesting few months and, for Matt, the seat is for taking with nothing taken for-granted.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


 Just some of the descriptions I have heard while talking to some of the people in the centre of the quake zone when talking about the army of clip board toting, hi-viz clad, suddenly elevated to central roles, being encountered.

Mostly asking questions that a casual observer might ascertain from simple silent study using common sense and a bit of circumspection based analysis.
"Are you all right" being one very common yet rather annoying when someone standing in a doorway unharmed in body yet suffering possibly impossible to put into words feelings of what is coming next finds yet another stranger making inane inquiries
You can't go there, another mindless order that seems incomprehensible to someone who might have just emerged from the disaster zone.

Take the eighty something year old pensioner who had forgotten meds for himself and his partner when obeying the order to evacuate due to a tsunami that was running two hours behind schedule. That poor old man ended with a broken finger, bruising and time in a cell when the facts might be a life was already in danger from affliction the meds were prescribed for. Someone dear to me needs seventeen pills everyday, plus another seven meds as backup for side effects that something such as stress can precipitate. While I have three prescribed daily meds to maintain stasis and another three that can be required. So yes while we have a bag as a constant for first aid, it's of little use if forgotten but needed, hell yes.

Then there was a mate, we shall call Harry, he left his property for a short trip for some reason only to be told by a CBTH-VCM ( clipboardtotinghigh-viscladmoron) he could not return to his home, family, farm, livestock or dogs. Now Harry is rather a compulsive just do it sort of guy and better equipped that the afformentioned OAP and Harry did not have the constabulary involved so he is possibly now an offender at large for ignoring the turtle.  He had only been away for a short time but it was sufficient for the CBTH-VCM  to establish the roadblock.

Many if not most of those who live in the devastated area have dealt with smaller but just as confrontating hurdles in their daily life on the land, floods, fire, landslides, rockfalls, animal threats, fallen trees, breakdowns, bolting horses, injuries, and many other challenges a CBTH-VCM could not imagine, so officialdom in sudden elevation to authority can be a tad annoying and rather comical if a sense of humour is still involved. In an age when regulation, rules and direction from persons with little or zero understanding of what is at issue begin to attempt to rule over others who have suddenly been placed under powers never agreed to, things can go south very quickly.


Saying it ain't so, only confirms it.
Damien O'Connor on Jaimie McKay's rural wireless round up denied he was being bitter after he delivered a tirade against alleged serious rundown of infrastructure by the current government with particular reference to The Lewis Pass road.  A road now under significant pressure as the main North / South overland route following the devastation of SH1 along the Kaikoura Coast buried along with the main trunk railway.

Cast your feeble mind back Damien, to the wasted years when you enabled the Clark Regime to massively swell the Beaurocracy at the cost of all the bits of productive New Zealand ignored.
Recall if you have sufficient brain cells still functioning how you stood by a leader who called your voters "ferals"' as if that was not harsh enough.
Also you might recall St David Lange who preached from his dung hill how agriculture was a "sunset industry" when it has been revealed that industry world wide has eliminated food poverty and famine almost totally apart from places where socialist meddling has rendered access to the food impossible.

You are a dimwitted socialist remnant from a past long rendered irrelevant so head back to your fiefdom where misguided individuals are being held in "the midst of the stages of grief" as they continue to thwart the only logical next and closing step in the Pikeriver Mine saga, continue to protest sealing the entombed remains that even you must understand will be ashes from the estimated multi thousand degree temperatures from the after math of the disaster over six years ago.
A disaster that seems to be inexplicably never held to be anything to do with the Mine safety manager Rockwell or your current inept Dear Leader who was the head of the Union representing over half the doomed workers before his elevation to "Turtle on a Post".
I am certain your visit to quake devastated Waiau did absolutely zero to move those shattered souls forward, just as the enduring image of the suit clad, shiny shoe wearing posed with a clean shovel PHIL Goff did in an equally non significant contribution to cleaning the Bay of Plenty beach after the Rena hit the Astrolube Reef.
Just crawl back under your rock and cease wasting time and resources trying to find relevance, it is long gorn, passed by by an educated public able to make their own minds up as to the future.

Friday, November 25, 2016

A Republican Thanks Giving



Hot on the heels of yet another "Z" lister seeking relevance using our so called "poverty" crisis, Lindsay  at  her own blog reveals the total corrupt use that surrounds the descriptive.
Last night Sir Graeme Henry relaunches as a SJW.

Meanwhile back in the real world populated by Joe and Josephine Bloke aka ordinary descent parents, hard working, responsible, Lindsay reveals  some  figures that cause me and many others to get exercised by the high jacking.

A New Zealand resident with $2200 is in the top half of the worlds population, $71 000 puts one in the top tenth and a very ordinary home in much of the country at around a quarter of a million and the dreaded one percenters have another terrible bastard member.
Now with my cynical monitor gauge off the scale how many of the miserable true deplorables will that statistic include and nary a word of admission.

Even the Jade adorned, castle dweller, ex McGillicuddie  Serious Party, cohoncho qualifies surely as she hitches her ample ass to the tumbrel that might carry the first of the one percenters to the gallows in her discombobulated manipulateding world of outrageous claims.

Lindsay Mitchell

Friday's Fulminations

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hypocrisy On Steroids (updated)

It seems like only yesterday that the pro-Clinton media and all Clinton's hangers on were demanding that Donald Trump accept the result of the election on the day.

That was when Clinton and Co thought they had it in the bag.

My my, how times have changed.  We've seem gratuitous violence from the left.  Gratuitous insults and death threats are the order of the day.

Now they have outdone themselves with a concerted campaign to intimidate electoral college voters into ignoring the presidential votes in their state and  vote for the criminally corrupt Hillary Clinton.

The presidential electors, mostly former Bernie Sanders supporters who hail from Washington state and Colorado, are now lobbying their Republican counterparts in other states to reject their oaths — and in some cases, state law — to vote against Trump when the Electoral College meets on Dec. 19.

All of which will improve Mr Trump's chances of securing a second term in four years' time.

When will they ever learn?


And so the lunacy escalates.   Those masters of electoral fraud, the Democrats, enthusiastically supported by our resident expert on every little thing, accuse the Republicans of voter fraud. 

The evidence for this accusation?  

A couple of junior lecturers from some obscure institution got hold of a computer model from East Anglia which showed that Crooked Hillary won more votes in states with paper voting than in states with electronic voting.  Oh no!  It's those damned missing millions again.  I tell you, they're everywhere.

Interesting to note the same computer programme, in different hands, could be made to show that Crooked Hillary's two million margin in the popular vote consists entirely of corpses and illegal Mexicans.


When a many times world champion women's squash player was appointed Race Relations Commissioner, I took a now revealed wrongheaded view that it was an inspired choice.
Surely having lived in a world far removed from the Ivory towers inhabited by the self regarded elites here was someone strong, forthright and successful who would cut through the pathetic crap and represent ordinary New Zealand to uphold free speech giving predominance to how the ordinary citizen regarded our multicultural  inclusive society.

Could not have been more wrong, far from being a winner she has descended into an abyss of losing as she allowed herself to be captured by the totally disconnected who inhabit what is widely regarded as a vassal filled waste of oxygen consuming emasculated excuses for public employees.

Today my hopes rose that she had rediscovered her dominant personna and made a long awaited condemnation of the many Utube published utterings of a Saudi based Muslim Cleric who has issued a stream of antisemetic, anti Christian diatribes that go well beyond what a reasonable normal person would accept as allowed by Free Speech, a basic right I hold very dear.
Under a header "Devoy condemns hate speech", it is revealed as an abject cowardly slap for the utterings of  "AN AUCKLAND MAN".
FFS what planet is the stupid cow on.
They were a series of quaranic based calls to kill Jews.
Kill unbelievers.
Kill those guilty of apostasy.
Deny women's right to leave their home unattended.
and more rubbish totally at odds with this country and its values


We don't want your hate, your fanaticism, your cult, your denigration of the rights to freedom for women and children, or your  separatism, Mr Muham'mad'  Sahib,  just accept us for what we are or take a hike back to Saudi.

As for the biggest disappointment yet as RRC, you clearly are too daft to understand how hopeless you are so hurry up and end your time at the trough before we find the damage is too far gone to reverse.

Next Please!

Now that Pres Elect Trump has solved the problem of gotcha press conferences by posting what he wants to say directly on YouTube, he can start to figure out how to fix the farce of media organised and dominated presidential debates.

Yes, that's right.  Those debates where the media gave Clinton advance notice of the questions.  Those debates where the  media gave Clinton a free ride while asking tough questions only of Trump.  Those same media which secretly sent their political commentary to the Democratic Party for approval before publication. Those same media who, no matter what he stuffed up, never had a bad word to say about Obama.

Well, here are a couple of suggestions.

Maybe there could be two moderators, one from each party so they could ride shotgun on each other.

Maybe all the questions could be sent to the candidates in advance with no new questions permitted.

Maybe the media should be excluded from these debates with the events being run by the parties and recorded beforehand, then distributed to the media with a caveat that they must be broadcast in full, without any editing.

The media will squeal like stuck pigs but they have nobody to blame but themselves if they are completely shut out.

How sweet The Sound of Common Sense

If the government didn’t act on the rise of obesity, the Greens would introduce a private bill for a sugar tax, leader Richard Di Natale said.

Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonhjelm dismissed the measure, saying there should be an impost on stupid ideas.

“There are a lot of stupid authoritarians around and they have a lot of stupid ideas and if we just tax them there would be no need to tax things like sugar,” he said.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Best Comment of 2016

From Danyl, over at Dim Post:-

"The left sure do seem to have a lot of intellectuals who claim they know exactly what to say to win the elections, and the uncultured, unintellectual right sure do seem to win a lot of elections. That’s all I know right now."


Following the sept 2010 Darfield quake ex maths teacher Ken Ring who had and still has for sometime published a weather almanac, made waves by suggesting the moon that can raise the seas by meters wth its lunar gravity might have sufficient effect to possibly trigger earth quakes.

In 2011 Christchurch was struck by a shallow quake that caused some 180 deaths, just over two weeks later a Richter nine quake devastated Japan crippling a nuclear power plant.

Eight days ago at two minutes past midnight a complex quake left a trail of destruction from its original epicentre near Rotherham to Cooks straight wrecking the main trunk railway along with much of the scenic highway one.
Today guess what, another major quake occurred geographically near Fukishima now being measured at above Richter seven.

I understand Mr Ring has been unwell but his prediction of another SI Quake for September missed by weeks but it cannot be denied that in early November we had a "Super Moon"  with that body at an historical close proximity to earth.

Many scientists are very quick to dismiss Ken's theories as rubbish and that is ok with me,  what grates my gears though is many of the elites who treat Ring with contempt have many in their midst who hang their hats on a much bigger fraud in climate change that because it can be taxed creates a trough for them to fill their corpulent stomachs, while Ken makes do with crumbs from selling his almanacs.

Do not forget they rubbished scientific minds who discovered the Earth goes around the sun. That now well accepted fact was a direct threat to the church and guess what, whose  money tree was threatened, who controlled the money back then?

Utterly Predictable

A few days ago I suggested Pres Elect Trump would freeze out the partisan pro Clinton media.

And so it has come to pass.

So far up themselves they didn't even see it coming.

Katie Bradford take note and learn to spell these words which you will be writing frequently.





Whaleoil face of the day is Chester Borrows MP, deputy speaker.

Yesterday District Court Judge, Jim Large ordered Mr Borrows to answer charges including careless use of a vehicle, declining to dismiss.

When a bunch of anti TPP protesters attempted to prevent MP Borrows, accompanied by Minister Bennett, from departing an event by rushing with their placards to block the vehicle.
One moronic female claimed the by then barely moving car had injured her foot as the car nudged through the hastily formed human barricade.
Understanding that the old adage, " the camera never lies"  is now irrelevant with the sophisticated editing now available, the accompanying video reveals only a Car slowing to a crawl and said moron reeling away in apparent pain and claiming her foot had been run over by a wheel.
If that video is an authentic reveal of events, that is total bollocks as had the car wheel pinned moron's foot she could not have escaped unless her foot left the shoe to be "run over", and that is not what was shown.

So has the learned judge been ignorant, incompetent, or is he a closet lefty with a bias against TPP, who has already taken his position.
Also why have the bunch of unwashed not been charged with wilful intent to prevent the lawful vehicle departure, are the two MPs not entitled under the law to proceed, it was not as if the protest were sought out, by Mr Borrows in his self drive clearly marked  car, the protest hastily moved to block him.
On Whaleoil

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Troggs

Currently there is massive television adverting for a forthcoming 'concert' by the 1960s B grade pop group, The Troggs.

They had one hit called 'Wild Thing.'

As Adolf remembers it, the song went something like this:-

Waaald thing

You make maa ring sing

You are maa everything

Oh yeeeaaaaah

Well that's the unauthorized version but it's the only one I can remember.

Such was the culcha which produced Helen Clark and Phil Goff.

If you go along, you'll see a few hundred semi-literate geriatrics, rocking themselves into their next heart attack or stroke.

Treasury Forecasts (updated)

It looks as though the NZ Treasury is helping out the Australian Bureau of Mediocrity.

Forecast maximum temperature for today is 34 degrees.

Current temperature at 1100 hrs is 38 degrees.

Having said that, and to give credit where it is due, the ABM usually is much more accurate that it's Kiwi counterpart.  Something about not being surrounded by ocean, perhaps?

At 1130 hrs, how would you like 29 degrees?


Kaikoura will possibly see hell freeze over while the learned elite debate options.
Why not get the military to build a runway C130 capable while morons with their political wheel barrows to hand make white noise and hardly a rock gets moved to reopen the links.
Just askin.


So on this occasion I have a reasonable knowledge to be an armchair General from my history and current contacts.
My brother and family are within a 25 pounder shell range of the original epicenter decided before the extreme complexity of last Monday morning became apparent. I have a first cousin living in the Mt Lyford village, another cousin where the Wandle meets the Mason and other contacts throughout the region.
To a man and woman they are gobsmacked at some of the rubbish emanating from hivis clad, clipboard toting experts struggling to understand the stress imposed by their inane inappropriate rulings.

One small accomplishment from me this am was to get Spark to link little bro's cell to his landline as that line was responding to incoming with a completely normal ringtone and with so much else to be addressed just another avoidable stress.

Many from the Lyndon/Waiau community gathered last evening for drinks to celebrate fifty year resident Pete Harris's 70th. One recurring theme was the stream of strangers calling to homes with no interest beyond the state of the residence while farms, businesses and other issues of little moment apparently.
That said I am informed Fonterra have steped up big time and getting favourable ratings.

TLDR probably but I feel better for saying it even if I am the sole reader.


However here it is anyway.

As stated in an earlier post, the chaotic and disastrous events that have occurred and continue from the 7.8 quake just after midnight a week ago, I am intricately and emotionally connected albeit from a safe distance.

Born in Kaikoura Hospital when a Home guard unit was training to repel a Japanese invasion of the isolated community, landgirls were moving out onto farms to replace men who had gone to war and Herr Schiklegrubers doomed sixth army was being destroyed by General Winter at Stalingrad.

Linton Downs Stream, The Humbug, Crib Creek, The Charwell along with the Greenburn were                                                                 constant threats to travel to Kaikoura from my Dads home.
To the South it was the Conway, Mason, Wandlle and Lottery with the Mason that formed a part of what is now the Mighty SH 70 as a constant threat from a fresh that could occur with quite minor rain events. Father would remove the fan belt from the V8 utility and pack chapman sacks or a horse cover across the radiator and just plough through. How many Helf n Safety rules were broken.

We then moved down to The Gates where father managed a property for Comander Perry Deardon who had gone to war until that farm was sold to Ikey Satterthwaite, our original property was also sold to Bill Cain and we moved to Craigowen in the upper Wandle under Mt. Terako.
In 1945 my Dad who was medically unfit for service from an inguinal hernia and varacous veins with eczema from the poor vascular health, purchased Barcaldine from the estate of Percy Morse, a WW 1 gas victim.

Growing up, Waiau was my main town with Joe Cannons dairy/tobacconist, Robsons Garage, Rogers Store, Nth Canterbury Supply Store, Bill hogs pub,  Chappie Powis and Ray Stoves transport companies, three churches, one primary school and a railhead across the river reached by a magnificent big timber bridge made from a meccano like hardwood construction.
A railway Service that was extended from Culverden under a Waiau Railway League chaired by my late grandad Ken Pettigrew.
Many were the visits back to those haunts on " the inland road" sometimes on the daily freight and passenger service mail car run in later years by Thorntons from KK.

Every farm on that road was a personal acquaintance along with the people who endured so much grief from floods, snow storms, gales and isolation. Roading a very primitive link with unbridged streams and the high snow prone "whales back" with The Conway only being bridged some five years before I was born, my mums brother uncle Stan being first non construction person to cross on his motorbike.

Now I grew up exposed to the legends that surrounded the Creed  and Derrett families  based in stables in Waiau who ran competing coach services first from the Culverden railhead then Waiau after its extension to the River across from the the village to Kaikoura. A journey that was not all beer and skittles with the crossing of The Conway, a steep descent down a ravine like gully with the passengers required to disembark and walk. I well remember that rutted steep track still clearly evidenced for years later, now healed or at least hidden by pine trees and broom.

Saturday, November 19, 2016


from that snowflake, intellectually challenged, ragtag bunch of protesters out on the Waitemata today protesting at the Naval Fleet Review part of the commemorations marking 75 years since the establishment of the Royal New Zealand Navy in 1941 was no better illustrated than by the person in a rubber ducky proudly emblazoned with the slogan 'Go Home USS Sampson - You're Not Wanted'.  

And where was the USS Sampson ... offshore Kaikoura helping in the relief effort.

Nothing much more to be said.


Whatever happened to number eight wire philosophy that made this country.

Many in the devastated quake zone are very short of potable water.
My closest contacts have had inches of rain since Sunday nights event.

 Laundered bedsheets attached to four poles with a clean container under the centre will gather gallons of water eminently suitable for diluting spirits, from an inch of rain.
We live on rainwater and have done so for all but two and a half years of our over fifty years married.
Our current roof is the most secure from animal faeces yet and birds are a calculated acceptable risk.

They must have missed the memo that Someone Else has died.

"  The district recently mourned the passing of a long time resident, mentor and inspirational leader in Someone Else who slipped from this mortal coil leaving a community in shock.
Someone, often known colloquially as Him or He,  died in his sleep and the almost mythical person who increasing numbers of people who should have known better of his value, was only missed for his ever present quiet achievemendts when he did not turn out for every little task and they were left unattended with consequences.  "

Welfare mentality is convicted and awaiting sentence in the District Court on charges of derilection of personal responsibility. When asked for a comment Chief Justice Dame Ellias was unable to be reached as she was at her country estate near Lake Sumner southwest of the quake epicentre and her safety could not be breached
Meanwhile the Marlborough Unitory Authority is not responding to questions around the unconsented construction of dams on the Clarence, Hapuka and other waterways within its jurisdiction by someone else variously called God, Nature, Gological Disaster, all suspects in many recent occurrences detected in contravention of current environmental laws.


News that the army convoy to bring relief to Kaikoura via Highway Seventy were halted at Culverden because it started raining would have caused a wry smile to have emerged on the face of my late father in law.

Captain Barnes was moving tanks in conditions not dissimilar in the Battle of Casino with the added complication of incoming ordnance from Herr Kesslerings ruthless Wehrmacht.
Can't quite imagine Bernie Freyberg and co getting a message from the tank transports, sorry we have pulled over, it has started to rain!!!


Stuff today asks "does Kaikoura need a miracle".
In my ever humble opinion they have already been recipients of one, expecting a second might be a step too far, and such a salvation for their still burgeoning tourist bonanza just ain't gunna happen.

As an industry that has grown out of observing the remnant whale population out of South Bay comes to a shuddering halt due to a competing natural world phenomena in the form of a massive earthquake, the blessings of only one death from the destruction is not remarkable, it is astounding.
I claim the one death as that person died in the rubble of the collapsed "Elms Homestead" just south of the isolated settlement while the other sad passing in the chaos of midnight Sunday was an alleged heart attack that might well have occurred anyway,  only to be included in media click bait creativeness.
One very close to me found himself being missed by inches from falling chimney masonry in his one hundred year old home, while occupants of the nearby " Montrose" homestead escaped over a verandah with dad jumping after quickly deciding to risk broken legs by jumping and then catching his kids and their mum while the grand old house with its stairs collapsed became a wreck.
There is still a chance I guess that persons as yet not unaccounted for being discovered buried in one of the many massive landslides that can be seen with trapped vehicles on isolated bits of highway along with the now lonely train sitting untouched just north of KK.

So with inexplicable luck, timing and fortuitous placement of people only one direct death is almost unbelievable as the thousands of images continue to be added to the reveal of appalling the destruction.
Recall the 180 dead in the early afternoon collapse of occupied buildings and streets enduring falling buildings in February 2011 and consider what if it had happened at midnight.

As to any possibility of a miracle for reinstatement of SHOne in anything less than years, kiss goodby to that. Fourteen months to clear one slip from the Manawhatu Gorge it could be conceivable that the link from Parnassus to the Seddon will take decades.
Unless of course the powers that be revert to the thinking of the thirties and dump the surplus naturally delivered problem into the Pacific Ocean that will recover quickly as it has done many times over.
Now that will indeed be a bloody miracle but probably the only one on the Horizon.

Friday, November 18, 2016


A couple of informative pieces of commentary on SI transport chaos have appeared at Whaleoil, obviously written by someone with knowledge of and experience in the transport industry.

In an otherwise excellent dissertation, I was surprised to see the writer toss out the idea of air transport on the grounds of relative cost.

Air transport indeed was too expensive up until two weeks ago but that has all changed.

Low cost, efficient road/rail transport no longer exists.  It is gone and wont be back for perhaps five to ten years.  The correct comparison to make is between air transport and the now very limited and inefficient road transport available.  There will be many people for whom the choice will be be 'no delivery or air delivery.'

The only questions they will ask is:-   'Do I want to pay the price?'

I think many will say yes.  Take for example a 1,000 kg shipment of long grained rice, imported into Auckland from Thailand.  Currently sold for a bit under $2.00 per kg in supermarkets.  If air freight were to cost $1,000 per tonne would  people pay $3.50 per kg to buy the product?  I think so.  There will be plenty of other products which will stand a large price hike when people see the reason for it is genuine.

Some enterprising fellow will lease a dozen C130 Hercules aircraft and run a shuttle service between Palmerston North and Christchurch, moving up to 1,000 tonnes of freight per day.

Media Misbehaviour

Since the election of Donald Trump the US news media has descended into an orgy of anti-Trump stupidity, culminating in a story by AP claiming Trump was running away from reporters when he took his family out to a restaurant for dinner.  (Never mind that at the same restaurant was dining a reporter from another organization who wandered over and had a good chat with The Don.)

All of which leads me to suspect that the fools in the media are digging their own graves.  Did they not learn from the election campaign and result that Donald Trump no longer needs them?  I think their misbehaviour will not go unpunished.

I would not be the least bit surprised if president Trump does away completely with the traditional press conferences so beloved by Obama as he fed his favorite chooks.  Gone will be the broad 'media accreditation' privilege so long enjoyed and abused by the Democrats' various media outlets.

I reckon President Trump may well invite individual friendly journalists for wide ranging interviews.  I could foresee those being left out might include the NYT, LAT, WAPO, NPR, CNN, ABC, MNBC and one or two others.   Those enjoying the confidence of a new president might include WSJ, Fox and Breitbart.

In this way, all the media will still have access to the news.  The Clinton shills will no longer be able to control and create the narrative and will have to  take copy from other media.

Well, that's what most of the media do anyway, just rerun stories written by someone else..


It's never a good idea to parade your ignorance for all to see.    

In his quest to appear relevant Mr Mark has called upon the government to direct the police to remove freeloaders, so called, from Kaikoura.   After visiting the town he said that tourists remaining in the town were free loading on the generosity of New Zealanders and should be removed.   

I have no way of knowing whether or not his claim is true but clearly Mark is unaware of the powers delegated under the Civil Defense Emergency Management Act 2002 consequential on the declaration of a State of Civil Defense Emergency which came in to force on the afternoon of 15 November.    In short, the Act provides for the Controller to do whatever he/she thinks needs to be done while the state of emergency remains in force.   If freeloading tourists are an issue then they can be evacuated with the Controller making the call ... not some second rate politician from Wellington looking for a headline.

I guess in Mr Mark's case ignorance is bliss.

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, November 17, 2016


My pick is The Otorohanga Transport Group who operate the very successful and business friendly  "Bluebridge" Ferry service across Cook Straight who will be looking to reinstate Wellington Lyttleton RoRo freight by sea..

The reinstatement of the four hundred truck units capacity now buried under tonnes of mud and rock on the remnant rail link must be exercising those charged with moving North South freight.
If it took nearly a year and a half to clear one slip in the Manawhatu Gorge it must be going to take years to get things on the Kaikoura Coast up and running again. There is the added factor that for much of the length the rail and roads are very close proximity and one has massive impact on the other, logistically.

Of course the morons currently believing they are a government in waiting will be only seeing an opportunity to regain a monopoly on freight delivery with an opportunity via Union reinstatement, that continually disrupted things around the three quarter mark of last century.

One factor may intrude with the death lastAugust of one of the founding partners of OTG holdings  and a forward thinking Entrepreneur Jim Barker.
Bluebridge are my first call to cross the water , in fact I don't ever even consider the flash Harry with slick advertising as the Otorohanga crew excellent in every department with a basic efficient, reliable and always cheerful delivery ethos. A relationship that grew out of a very long standing agreement with the NZMCA that Kiwirail have struggled to match.
Blue bridge do not have any rail capability  but are vehicle focussed and very user friendly and their Wellington dock is right in Downtown within walking distance of eating and shopping while KR are at the North end of Aotea Quay.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Trumpening of America Continues

The best comment I've seen so far:-

Obama played the race card

Hillary played the gender card

America played the Trump card


Right now we are witnessing the thug actions of sheeple professional protesters trying their level best to prevent attendees from going about their lawful business in trying to enter the Defence Industries Conference in  Auckland.   Clearly spitting and jostling are the weapons of choice to be preferred over coherent argument.   Perhaps there is no coherent argument.

But hold on ... who is it, down south, working 24/7 in the forefront of the earthquake evacuation/recovery operation?    The NZ Defence Force.   I guess the protest movement hasn't quite figured that out or, if they have, prefer to ignore an inconvenient truth as incomparable with their utopian narrative.



With the images of destruction of the  coast road and rail from Oaro to the Ure river an interesting conundrum faces the minions we employ.

While nature has dumped millions of tonnes of rubble unceremoniously on the main North South infrastructure, with much of it already in the sea, there will be morons defying nature and insisting what remains be trucked away. 
Two questions; where to, and what additional costs.

Every second of every minute of every hour of every day 24/7, over a dozen rivers carry variable levels of rock, shingle, sand and silt to the sea along the East Coast in a geographical process uninterrupted for centuries and suddenly at great cost and considerable time delays, it must not be pushed over the side into a sea that will recover in short order but must be carted away.
It would be interesting to see a summary of the financial and time imposts such politically correct interference with nature cost in the fourteen months it took to clear one slip in the Manawhatu gorge.

With the construction of the road and rail links now so seriously broken how many tonnes of rubble was dumped unceremoniously into the Pacific Ocean.  Remembering that that rail link was only completed in my lifetime. We now have morons with no understanding of anything beyond " progress bad"  wanting all that deposited bit of nature diverted away from where it is headed in nature anyway.

With all East west links under constant threat from the long predicted rupture on the Alpine Fault, Haast, Arthur's and Lewis passes, and the now clearly demonstrated disruption now to be confronted, the early choice of Maori and the early European settlers up the Awatere and down the Acheron to Hanmer suddenly becomes a clear and practical solution. At least the planners of the fibre optic links saw the Molesworth  route as the best option.

Never mind there will be interminable meetings and it will take at least twice as long as necessary as the Ivory Tower  people's party make moronic pronouncements and muggins taxpayers will be forced to pay up without any consultation.


Not with any desire to reference or minimise the horror of war, the momentous events that have hit my birth place and what I regard as my spiritual home, have had a far greater impact on my whole being than I wish or find comfortable
I think I have an infinitesimal understanding of battle fatigue and its manifestation in shell shock.

During the more than ten thousand earthquakes and after shocks that hammered us from September 2010, over the following years, I was almost cavalier in my response to events that were turning strong people to quivering jelly. Until last autumn  that was true, when out of the blue, a small isolated tremor of around richter five reduced me to tears and threatened to overwhelm my ability to cope.  It was unnerving .

When the midnight wake up call struck the heart of the Amuri basin on Monday morning, I was asleep In my mobile home at Ealing on the north bank of the Rangitata River adjacent to SH1 and slept on blissfully unaware as to what was going on where I grew up and went to Waiau primary school.
Two other couples were parked up there, from our circle of grey nomads, one couple woke immediately the others were woken at around 1 am with cellphones jangling. SWMBO and self slept on until 0555 when turning on the wireless revealed my bimbo news source gabbling about the events in North Canterbury and Marlborough but totally bereft of identifying facts as to what actually she was talking about and it was the following News cast at the  beginning  of Hosking breakfast that revealed it was a massive earthquake centered just across the Waiau River from my old family home. The focus of the chatteratti has since centred on Kaikoura where I arrived on this earth nearly seventy four years ago and that district has subsequently held a special place in my heart ever since.

Largely forgotten in the unfolding reveal, Waiau that was the entire world of my awakening consciousness, a village many miles from Christchurch by mainly shingle or metal road. A road  that began with a massive structure of Australian hardwood single lane bridge, since replaced in the 1960s with a concrete edifice. The village had a garage workshop with fuel, two grocery stores, a barber tobacconist who sold ice creams, soda and lollies, a pub, two transport firms and a population of the range of ages. On modern interpretations of what constitutes "poverty" it almost included every resident.
The early fifties saw five "state houses" built and the Amuri Lime Company had a row of worker houses constructed. the Railhead of a long since deconstructed freight link was on the south bank of the river with its little bunch of houses for the Station Master, Railwary Road Services bus driver and maintenance workers.
Waiau had three churches, Catholic and Presbyterian built of wood and a delightful little Anglican stone church built from concrete and river stone. The doolan one still stands unused, the Presbyterian church is gorn, removed and an image of the Anglican stone church on TV suggested it was very badly damaged.

I know this will seem 'poor me' but my world has been damaged far more than the destruction of our city ever portrayed, it bloody hurts and the good people of Waiau largely ignored as a facile media goes on about tourists and others who can leave Kaikoura behind with an unplanned helicopter ride paid for with OPMs. Waiau meanwhile is still hurting with massive disruption. Eight dairy farms between SH7 and Waiau have three sheds still operable. Apparently Don Galetly was on TV NZ  last night with his one thousand cows trucked out as his infrastructure is totalled,  munted in modern parlance.
My ancestral home is still intact but sans its three chimney stacks, farm tracks are blocked, county water supply is jury rigged, little bro trucking stock this am from a neighbours yards due to a bridge declared unsafe.

In times when the country can have Tame, Hosking, Soper et al in NY and Washington guessing what is unravelling there in a completely understandable expression of democracy by the ordinary people, it seems the media cannot understand or interpret an unfolding disaster just up the road from the SI main city, unbelievable.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


more dog-whistling.    I listened to the OAP from St Marys Bay in the House a few minutes ago indulge yet again in his version of dog-whistle politics with his call for the government to introduce special legislation providing for an enhanced level of sentencing for those convicted of looting ... inspired no doubt by the break-in to a family home after the residents had evacuated to higher ground following yesterday's tsunami warning alert.

We can all empathize with the people who came home to find it ransacked ... we have ... to the tune of $35k and growing from the fund set up to support the family.   That is NZL at its best ...  while the perpetrators are scum who will be held to account for their action.

But this is not the time to make such a call acknowledging too that s231 of the Crimes Act provides for a term of imprisonment for up to ten years for burglary ...  the judiciary has the tools, they should use them.  The government has more important things to do in helping devastated communities work through the disaster ... that is where attention should be and is being focused.

For the pinstriped dwarf headline seeking is more important.    Figures.

For All I Know, It Could Be True!



This morning, as I walked into the chemist's shop to pick up some eye drops, I heard the Labour state premier say:-

"Ultimately, at the end of the day, when it's all over bar the shouting, the real issue is blah blah blah."

Bloody amazing oratory ability.   Never before have so many trite, synonymous cliches been aggregated into one meaningless sound bite.

I invite readers to provide further examples of Polygook in comments.

A Good Start

I reckon Pres-elect Trump is off to a pretty good start.  He has:-

  • been in touch by phone with the presidents of China and Russia and the British PM;
  • advised the imminent deportation of illegal immigrants guilty of serious criminal offending - up to two million of them, apparently;
  • announced the immediate suspension of all federal funding (subsidies) for green energy boondoggles and for climate change 'research' and gabfests.
  • appointed two eminently capable people as Chief of Staff and Special advisor.  Priebus and Bannon - they must be good - the left is spewing.


of small town and rural New Zealand.   While I have lived all over the world I identify strongly with the sense of identity you find outside of our major urban areas ... a respect for others, a respect for values, a willingness to go the extra mile to help when help is needed.

And so it was that last Friday I attended the Armistice Day service in Russell (pop 750) just across the water from Paihia where I live.   This is small town NZL at its best.    I guess there were upwards of 90 people at the service was held at the entrance to the Russell School.   On the pathway leading up to the classrooms there are ten plaques each bearing the name of a soldier from the area killed in WW1.   Each plaque was 'guarded' by two senior pupils one of whom wearing the medals of that soldier (an initiative of the Russell RSA).    The service was simple and lasted not more than twenty minutes.   The speeches were short and to the point ... we remember and honor the fallen.     The reading of the Roll of Honour was left to the students ... nice touch.

Great to see Ray Tait, DFC, in attendance.   Ray is the Patron of the Russell RSA and one of the few surviving members of Bomber Command.

Afterwards the RSA put on a roast meal (roast meal ... midday!!!!!) for all those attending the service.
You went away secure in the knowledge that Russell knows and respects its history and does what is right.

Well done Russell, well done the Russell School, well done the Russell RSA.