Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Audrey Young and beautiful Sue 'Smacking' Bradford's dopey daughter leading the charge with a "General Not Quite" as expert witness have tried to suggest It is embarrassing for John Key that a troop carrying freighter, Boeing built, purchased used,  from a Budget Airline was grounded in Townsville. That left the Prime minister led delegation to India stranded while alternatives were sought.
Young was of the opinion that Key should have been angry, what that would have achieved is a big fat ZERO.

The only embarassing bit for me was the entitlitus inspired whine that continued after the engines were shut down.

The remnant entity that was the once very proud and respected Royal New Zealand Airforce now a gutted skeletonised bunch of chopper pilots and a few others flying around in old largely superceded cargo planes have two ex passenger jets to move troops and light equipment from our lonely fixed  carrier deep in the South Pacific  where they manage to impress those intellectually equiped to understand such matters,  perform astoundingly well.

Last time we endured a bunch of whiners complaining that a shoe string Airforce was in their over egged egotistical worthless opinion, inadequate,  was a .recent junket to Fiji where "it does not matter what we do Frank is still in command" and someone who clearly had a wish to be given "penthouse" was forced to do what most New Zealanders do when on holiday, pee in a bucket.
Why a talented operator such as Key puts up with the third rate coverage the MSM deliver I have absolutely no idea.
When Savage led the first Labour Government to power as the great depression was preparing to meet the challenge of a resurgent Germany, his socialist colleagues believed that the than largely unsupportive mainly print media needed to be circumvented to get their messaage out.
The solution was to create a radio network where their people could control the message and it was highly sussessful.
So why Key perpetrates the fifth collumnists ability to spend their entire output in opposing the success that in almost all measurable indicees is apparent but burried under a landslide of negativity, is a total mystery.
Purchase or lease a lear jet type plane to carry the people he needs and leave the idiots masquerading as reporters to find their own resourced access to what ever they choose to create, then flood the media inboxes with an avalanche of government generated press releases and starve the morons of what they seek and leave them the  minutiae they just love to wallow in.

A fleet of two planes found them selves forced to remain in Townsville and that is no surprise, shit happens.
My "fleet" of  two well maintained vehicles and a VW Beetle are reduced to one functioning at present but then I am not trying to get to the Sub Continent with a bunch of free loading attention seeking dribblers from both sides of their mouths, whining about how unfair it all is.


The Veteran said...

GD ... well said. Speaking as the holder of a CPL and if any of your pre-flight, pre-take-off checks come up short then you don't go ... end of story ... that's the way it is. Shit happens no matter how good your maintenance is and ac maintenance on RNZAF ac is second to none.

So called experts are making much of the fact that these are 'old' ac purchased second hand back in 2003. Gueez, our C130s and Orions are several decades older and that matters nowt. I doubt whether there is a single original component in all those eleven ac. Time expired components are replaced as a matter of course. and that is the reality in all civil and military ac in first world countries.

The 757s are fit for purpose as a medium haul troop transport. The ac has a secondary role as a VIP transport but the reality is that in a two ac fleet you don't have any great redundancy when things turn to custard.

What I do find amusing is that our wannabee SAS hero masquerading as the NZ First Deputy leader has as his solution that the PMs Department should purchase a Prime Ministerial ac. Typical top of the head comment from Ron Mark but then what's $150m for a new A320 between friends ... and let's not even go down the overheads calculation.

Mind you, reality and Mr Mark are oft at war with each other.

As for the nice Mr Shearer ... your mob bought them old son.

Anonymous said...

The RNZAF have a long and honourable history of their aircraft breaking down in Australia. They have been reliably breaking down in Australia for fifty years. Motel owners in Alice Springs, Perth and Melbourne have relied for a goodly part of their income on the reliability of the NZ C130's breaking down in their neck of the woods.

I once travelled to Singers in a C130, it broke down in Alice springs. Three years later I did the return trip, it broke down in Alice Springs. Other Air Forces can only dream of such reliability. I don't suppose that it has percolated our leaders minds that if they contracted out the maintenance of the BOEINGS to Air NZ who actually fly BOEINGS and are rather good at these things might save a few bob and deprive the Motel owners of Australia a substantial part of their income.

Just going of piste for a moment. Dodgers post on the euthanasia meeting being targeted by the police has been vindicated......absolutely disgraceful and needs to be looked at closer. The Percy Perfects who keep bleating the mantra if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear are talking through their Finkenstein.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Noel said...

Sat in the VIP section on a recent trip and found the seats and adjustable card/ meal table fit for purpose. Havent figured why all the stewards are Sergeants. Perhaps to give them authority over the accompannykng honour guards in the rear basic economy section.

Anonymous said...

I now have it on good authority that the RNZAF has compassion for the hotel owners near RAF Brize Norton.