Friday, October 7, 2016


Fron the Auckland daily "tabloid" ;

  "All Blacks coach Steve Hansen yesterday said Smith's sexual liaison in the public toilets had breached the team standards."

Some random questions in light of the fact the allegations are still just that

Do the National Rugby team have a preferred toilet designation for emergency use?
Do the "ambassadors and role models" have a code of abstinance?
Do alleged copulations have designated times and venues?
Was it the before and after the use of a disabled toilet while wearing official AB travel uniform ?
Was it the considerable hand shaking and embracing after the event without maybe hand washing, prior to departure for Argentina ?
Do our National team have a standard on "protection" or "health and safety" that was breached ?
Was it an apparent robust exercise without required warm up and warm down, maybe an ice bath to follow ommitted?

Sheesh Stevo elaborate, you can't just leave it there.

Recalling this morning an old AB legend who when on tour was confronted by babes wanting to get friendly, claimed he suggested he was happily married but maybe Chris Laidlaw could be up for it.


The Veteran said...

GD ... pertinent questions to be ignored in the self-righteous MSM driven feeding frenzy on the ABs.

One could almost be forgiven for naming the very prominent media person who made off with the booze at the National Party caucus end of year function not so long ago but I won't in deference to him/her and another MP from another Party involved.

Redbaiter said...

Have a read of this Dodger.

The Veteran said...

Red ... patronising prick. Reminds me of chardonnay socialists ... fits.

Gerald said...

Doesn't appear patronising in Dodgers case, just the right advice.
The master of multiple paragraphs when one will do the job.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... you forget this is GD's blog. As such he gets to make the calls. His writing style is his writing style. Don't like it ... tough.

And 'he' is a patronising prick (among a whole lot of other things).

Paulus said...

Who is Chris Laidlaw - dare I comment ?

Johno said...

The standard breached was being spotted slipping in and out of a disabled toilet, when clearly not disabled, in his AB travelling uniform.

paul scott said...

The idea of a paragraph,is to separate ideas and promote ease of reading.
Dodger achieved that here.

Anonymous said...

@ Redbaiter.

Don't be so ancillary. You just need to advise GD to lay off the claret until well after dinner time !