Sunday, October 9, 2016


The inability of the center-right in Auckland to get its 'act' together and speak with a single coherent voice has led to the inevitable result.   On the very occasional good day the center-right will be able to muster ten votes against eleven (including the Mayor).   One most days it will be six.  

I have no doubt that Goff will do a deal with some of the more faint-hearted center-right Councillors, so called, and shape Auckland the way the 'left' would have it without any thought of fiscal responsibility.   We all remember when Goff froze when challenged by Key to 'show us the money'.

The one bright spot in this omni-shambles ... the re-election of Denise Krum in her Maungakiekie-Tamaki ward.   Last election she defeated Richard Northey, the incumbent Labour Party heavyweight and leader of the City Vision/Labour bloc in Council by just under 1,000 votes.   This time her majority was close to 5,000.      Denise is acknowledged as smart and hard-working even by her opponents.   Self described as a fiscally conservative, socially liberal centrist, she attracts support from across the political spectrum.   Denise is destined for bigger and better things.    Watch this space, watch this lady.


Whaleoil said...

Denise Krum is a turncoat. She ditched her C&R fellows and ran with the Boag/Wood crowd.

On top of that, she was one of two councillors who voted to overturn a 5-year ban on set netting in Arkles Bay.
The other was Calum Penrose and he got rinsed.

She can't be trusted, and just you watch her put her hat in the ring for Pakuranga in coming months.

The Veteran said...

Cam ... the result speaks for itself. I agree with the second part of your last sentence.

Redbaiter said...

Flood a city with low wage low skill immigrants and then be disappointed when they elect communists to office.

Only Nat party supporters could be so gauche.

Redbaiter said...

"Self described as a fiscally conservative, socially liberal centrist, she attracts support from across the political spectrum."

There's only one kind of Conservative, and that is a Conservative Conservative.

Claiming to be a "socially liberal" Conservative is like claiming to be a tyrant who loves political plurality. The two terms are mutually exclusive.

Especially when social liberalism forces govts to increase spending and influence rather than reduce it. Anyone who simultaneously claims to be a fiscal conservative and a social liberal is just talking meaningless progressive tosh. Especially when they throw "centrist" into the mix.

If Crum is what she says she is she's really just one more progressive compromiser who stands for nothing in particular, and attempts to draw votes by moulding herself into the shape the prog media wants rather than advocating firm positions on issues.

Just like John Key.

Gerald said...

Ooooooh slap yourself on the hand Veteran.
Real name indeed.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


A technicality really. The whole world knows Cam Slater is Whaleoil.

Go back to sleep.

Gerald said...
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The Veteran said...

Gerald ... I have just been advised by a colleague that he deleted your post above because you referred to me by name. Do that again and you're permanently banned.
Yes, I called Whaleoil Cam because he makes no secret of it. I use a ndp because of the nature of the work I do outside of blogging. Pse respect that.

Red ... there you go again. Boy it's easy to press your buttons. Pavlov's dog has nothing on you. You define people by what they do rather than the words they use to describe themselves. I would describe myself in exactly those same terms ... others disagree; a number of years ago I wrote a thesis which some 'unkind' person labelled as coming from someone slightly to the right of Ghengis Khan. It all depends where you yourself sit.

Anonymous said...

Goff was always going to win because at local body level most people vote for the face the recognise and that was Goff. The fact that its the face of complete and utter ineptness is no disadvantage.


Redbaiter said...

Vet- when you're a Conservative, there is no blurring of the line in the offensive against the left.

You, Cameron Slater, John Key, Denise Frum, all give too much ground to the left and do not know what to fight for and what to fight against.

It is this blurring that has allowed the left to gradually gain control of the National Party, and the gradualness too has prevented you from awakening to this truth.

One day you will, but whenever that day comes, its already far too late.

The Veteran said...

Sez Red ... the mouthpiece of the Progressive Radio Network. Sorry old fella, you've now lost all credibility with me given your latest frolic of fancy.

Redbaiter said...

Vet, the stories about McCain have been around for yonks and carried by many other sources besides the one I used in this instance.

Normally, I'd be surprised that someone who claims to know at least a little about politics doesn't know of them, but given this is NZ, and I'm engaging with you, I'm not so surprised.

Here's a discussion on the issue from 2013

The Veteran said...

Red ... I am well aware of those stories. McCain himself admits that there is a limit to what you can stand under torture. My research indicates they are essentially crap stories by people with axes to grind. I stand by my assessment of McCain. Take his word over that of a draft dodger any time.

But you as a poster boy for the Progressive Radio Network. It's a hoot. You've blown your credibility big time. You stand revealed as a left wing (progressive) sheep in wolves clothing doing his duty in attacking John Key and the National Party in order to get Labour and the Greens onto the treasury benches. Some unkind person even suggested to me that you are Trevor Mallard in one of his many guises ... fits.