Friday, October 7, 2016


There are tensions in all political parties.   They tend to revolve around personalities rather than policy although recent events in the British Labour Party suggest they managed to achieve the double.    Third parties are particularly vulnerable to this witness what happened with the Alliance; the knifing of Tracey Martin by a nakedly ambitious Ron Mark and the revolving door that seems to define the Green's caucus.

UKIP seems to have excelled itself in this regard.   Currently polling in the 10-15% range with some commentators suggesting it is poised to make huge inroads in the Labour Party heartland vote. 

Right now it is in crisis.   Their newly elected leader, Diane James, resigned after just 18 days on the job citing frustration and personal family reasons.   Then yesterday two of their MEPs were involved in a fight in the Party Room at Strasbourg which left one of their number, Steven Woolfe, hospitalised and needing a brain scan after he collapsed.     On top of all that you have Arron Banks, millionaire donor to UKIP threatening to leave the Party if Neil Hamilton, leader of UKIP Wales, was allowed to remain in the Party or if Steven Woolfe was again barred from standing for the leadership.    Then you have Dpuglas Carswell, their only Westminster MP, marginalised by elements still loyal to Nigel Farage  the ex (and now back as interim) leader.

Is shambles too strong a word?


Anonymous said...

It's actually "Douglas" Carswell FWIW.

David said...

Actually it's Nigel Farage. (Since we're in a correcting mood. :-) )

And it's not a shambles - It's a clusterfuck.

paul scott said...

Its Saint Nigel Farage.

Nationalism in Britain from new PM Theresa May
." This Government will not waver in its commitment to put the interest of the British people first ."
Almost impossible to disagree with, except for Libertarians and wonko Progressives who think all borders should stay open and free to Islam barbarians..

The Veteran said...

Paul ... Farage's time has been and gone and he should quietly fold his tent and bugger off. Pray tell what now is the rationale for UKIP .... backstabbing, in-fighting, actual fighting and turning on itself aside ... just askin.

Redbaiter said...

Nigel Farage will go down in history for the rocket he put under the lazy incompetent left wing arse of the Conservative Party, and in the end claiming the scalp of their most useless wimp of a leader ever, David Cameron.

For that achievement if nothing else he has earned the undying gratitude of many.

As for the later "rationale" for their existence, UKIP have not only focused on an EU exit, but for years battled bravely against the foreign invasion of the UK that is connived at by every other party.

In fact UKIP has been the main driving force in UK politics on many fronts, and increasing support has now forced Cameron's weak token female successor May to start dancing to their tune.

I concede that a lot of UKIP's success has been down to Nigel Farage, a man of commitment, and a for that reason a rare bird on today's political scene.

Nigel has shown a lot of Western politicians up as weak kneed compromisers. What a shame we didn't have a man of his calibre in NZ to kick the useless John Key's arse the way he kicked Cameron's.

Anonymous said...

Farage started off with a hiss and a roar and then he fell into the trap that so many do when they are "on a mission", he started lying and using dodgy statistics which the media did not bother correcting. Eventually his shambolic party was caught out in so many porkies and racist rants they lost all credibility . There is not one of his claims of "dictatorial" EU policy that cannot be disproved with a cursory glance at the records.

A rude and ignorant man.

Lord egbut

The Veteran said...

Red ... are you referring to the David Cameron that led the Conservatives to their greatest election victory in recent years? Are you referring to the John Key who led the Nationals to their greatest election victory in recent years?

And all the while the man you hailed as the messiah was revealed as having feet of clay (and a whole lot of other things). You need to pick your friends more carefully.

Your ability to label white black is only matched by your inability to understand the realities of MMP politics ... but we've talked about that before.

Gerald said...

"There are tensions in all political parties."
Another example.

The Veteran said...

Or perhaps the knifing of Goff and Shearer and Cunliffe and ..............

Paulus said...

Ron Marks - the little vehicle mechanic who thinks he is the answer to the Winston Peters' Party - stop dreaming and get real - you will never lead what will be left of the Peter's Party when Winston ups his clogs.

Gerald said...

and not forgetting the Colonels Coup.

The Veteran said...

Gerald 4.03 ... elucidate pse.

paul scott said...

To call Farage ignorant is weird. There were few who could get near him in debate.
A contingent will be in T square next year to put his column up along side Nelson.
If there is too much jostling we can always go across to Piccadilly.

The hysteria about Colin Craig is hysteria, and it is hysteria being fed by a syphilitic mad deranged media.

Trudeau the Canadian PM is an example of a man who gained massive popularity, precious little liberal son, and may well indulge himself in a prolonged leadership, but is pig swill for brains, open borders to barbarians, and he will drag Canada down.

paul scott said...

I see [ read] I am a candidate for long sentence malady readjustment

Anonymous said...

Quickly nurse, PS is out of bed again.

Lord Egbut