Monday, October 17, 2016


Eric Crampton is a jewel.
Yesterday In "Offsetting Behavior" Crampton exposes something that Mr Key said he would sort out but has dismally failed to deliver.

An old biddy in Ekatahuna milks four cows and makes cheese, so what.

Here's what, from her little cottage activity that generates over 40k in income, poor old Biddy Frazer Davis has to spend around HALF in testing fees to the bloody gummint.

Now under simple "buyer beware" that has been and afaik is still an operating bit of our laws, that is preposterous. Can I assume that Biddy's four cows are unlikely to be risking economic disaster for The Nation in an overseas market as say Fonterra's dirty pipes threatened.

Is that politically correct crap being applied to all the produce that finds its market in the plethora of Farmers Markets that are operating in almost every hamlet across this country or is it OK to buy and eat an "organic" apple that has half a struggling worm in the next bite having the other half almost certainly ingested.

Mr Key with his increasingly arrogant bunch of closed minds who have ceased listening to Joe and Josephine cannot rely on an increasingly inept opposition to keep control of the treasury.
Find the Hi-vis clad, cellphone carrying, clipboard operator who is perpetrating this appalling rubbish and place him/her in stocks in the short main street of "Eke" along with an ample supply of discard fruit from a coolstore and watch true hard working New Zealand take their pleasure.

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