Thursday, October 27, 2016


Stuff reports that a young man,  Julian Lee, lived on pies and pints with supplements for a month and lost 8 kilograms, wow that is one and a half stone.
We indulged in a Pea Pie Pud with lashings of gravey yesterday for lunch and the guilt was at times palpable.

Lee did admit he was not as mentally sharp on the mono food diet but still considered pies as desirable food

His calorie intake from the truely orrible diet that would have given the food nazis coniptions was estimated at 1500 a day while he needed around 2500 to maintain his bodyweight on a 1.68m  frame.

Is  that good supporting evidence for the totally false mass attack on convenience food to be consignedd to the garbage bin or what.

Oh and afaik there was no bloody taxpayer trough dollars involved.

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